Wednesday = Game Day

So, it's Wednesday already and that means gaming. Being completely honest, though, I don't know if I'll be going. I'm undecided as it stands.

This will be the 8th or 9th week since Paul and I first hashed out the whats, whens, and wheres of this group and if we play, only the 6th time that will have happened. Once, Paul showed and no Henry, so we sat and bull-shitted for a couple of hours. A couple times, we just couldn't make things work or things have come up.

It's not a huge deal that things don't always gel. With school, work, etc. that's inevitable, but I dunno. I guess I got really excited over the prospect of one of my friends wanting to game with me after the last debacle (something I really need to go into sometime) and I just want this one to gain speed and become a good, dependable group sans politics.

I've also been tossing around the idea of joining the Thursday group that Paul has, since I got an invite to that. The thing is, I like to eventually run games for the groups I'm in and I'm not so sure how they would take to that, as in the past, most new people to the groups have had to prove they mesh well before they are OK'd to run. Maybe I'm just used to the more structured groups of days past.

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