My 30 Day World - Who Is the Most Renowned Hero in Your World?

 I'm participating in the #My30DayWorld exercise partially because I want to see how fleshed out my world of Khardtha actually is, and also to see what I can add, prompted by questions I may or may not have already asked myself.

Jumping back into this after a few years. Previous answers to questions 1-3 can be found here, here, and here.

Day 4 - Who is the most renowned hero in your world?

Kronor Makal was the leader of a Filian expedition to a continent that had appeared to the west of the Fartucian continent. Upon arrival, he and his expeditionary force encountered a land populated with a large race of humanoids calling themselves the Uhgur. These "Ogres," as Makal's notes called them, were an enslaved people, forced to toil and fight for a being they described as made of pure darkness.

Makal was a canny diplomat and accomplished battle-mage. He led his forces in early strikes to liberate the Uhgur and help them free more of their kin. Though there were tribal enmities to overcome, the ogres fought fiercely against ashen-skinned forces clad in black that could use darkness as weapons. After long years of war, Kronor led the coalition forces against the stronghold of their mutual enemy, clashing personally with a massive giant seemingly made of shadow. The battle shattered the lands on the southern tip of the continent, and in the aftermath, Makal asked the Ughur if the humans could settle the desolated lands. 

There, Makal built a settlement on the ruins of the enemy stronghold and the Uhgur tribes dispersed to the rest of the continent, returning to their tribal ways and working to cultivate good relations with the Filian newcomers. The Uhgur bestowed the honor of naming the continent Makalus after Kronor for his devotion to freeing their peoples.

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