The Lady of Fraying Flesh

Astien sheds her wings.
Art by Carlos Quevedo on DeviantArt

Once among the best and most beautiful of the Heavenly Host, the sin of wrath consumed the angel Astien's mind while in dogged pursuit of a fiend which evaded her at every step, leaving a trail of mutilated minds and bodies for her to follow. Eventually, the angel turned to cruelty and torture, herself, in order to root out her enemy once and for all. She reveled in leaving behind the flayed remains of her enemy's cultists or anyone else she felt might hold the information she sought.

Wind of her transgressions reached the rest of the Host and her superiors delved deep, hoping to aid their companion and bring her back to the right path. Their investigations led them to find that Astien had caught her quarry hundreds of years ago and put the fiend to the sword but hadn't stalled her great crusade or lust for flaying anyone she deemed disrespectful or unhelpful. Her brethren appealed to their superiors, who decided their only recourse was to cast her down. Her depravity was so great that her fall only created a powerful erinyes lord, The Lady of Fraying Flesh.

The Lady of Fraying Flesh was once radiantly beautiful, but now her skin peels back in random places as if flayed from her body, appearing to be streamers or ribbons flowing from her clothing. In place of her wings, frayed graying ribbons of flesh hang from her shoulders though this doesn't hinder her flight. A ring of razor-sharp blades circles her that she may use if she wishes to attack.

Her court is filled with all manner of grotesque beings that have a penchant for flaying and mutilating. Grand spectacles of torture entertain her guests as they feast on the flesh of sentient creatures and each other. Those devoted to The Lady often self-mutilate in supplication to her and take particular joy in torturing other living things. Often, they may be granted with boons from their mistress that can include painful auras or having their mere touch flay their victims.

Suggested Rules: The Lady of Fraying Flesh is an 18 hit die Erinyes Devil. The blades surrounding her create an effect similar to the Blade Barrier spell as cast by an 18th level caster within a 5' radius around her. She doesn't carry the usual weapons of an erinyes, instead using her blades in combat to fight both up close and at range. Each blade deals damage as a longsword plus the Lady's Charisma bonus. If the blade deals damage, the target must make a Fortitude save DC 19 plus the Lady's Charisma bonus or be wracked with pain as their skin peels back, causing d6 bleed and making the target staggered. A successful save negates both the bleed and staggered condition.

•The Lady of Fraying Flesh is a powerful fiend from my own Khardtha setting.
•When creating anything for Khardtha, unless specifically stated otherwise, assume Pathfinder 1st Edition rules. If you don't use Pathfinder and want to use something you see on the blog, feel free to reach out and I'll help you convert it.

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