Castle Whiterock - An Adventure in Six Parts

...but only because there have been six sessions so far.

Taylor has been running this with Pathfinder, and we've had a blast. Our party has made probably 10 forays into the dungeon, taking the opportunity to head back to town maybe half a dozen times, and we made it to fourth level last night.

We started as an established adventuring group, with our band having done enough stuff before the game started to bring us to first level in our respective classes. We met with a local personage of power and agreed to tasks set forth by her to collect books and other writings we recover, and then be compensated for them.

Early forays to Castle Whiterock saw us facing off with slavers/cultists (I don't think we ever really got a good idea of which), undead, murderous birds, and bugbears! This latest venture into the dungeons below the structure had us poorly navigating hallways and randomly bumping into groups of orcs... one even featuring a spellcaster! Some of the orcs seemed a bit tougher than others, and it felt like our group were in for it a time or two, but we persevered (thanks in large part to Sir Hiss' Color Sprays) until we came across this Donkey Kong-esque staircase where some orcs were rolling barrels down the stairs at us.

After taking a few lumps from the barrels on our way up, we finally made it up and engaged the 4 pig-faces, then were surprised by Nomdalu (sp?) running up the stairs yelling that we had more company coming in the shape of six of the elite commando orcs heading in from the other direction.

Sir Hiss fell early, but Nomdalu was able to come to his aid while Malek and Cale swung away at the growing mass of bodies. Cale was clubbed down, followed by Nomdalu when she attempted to cast a spell in melee. Malek swiftly followed, leaving Sir Hiss the last standing. He promptly started begging for his life to be spared, and the laughing orcs (only 3 left standing, I may add) tied him up and then the lights went out.

We all know Batman or the Ninja Turtles aren't coming to save our sorry asses, so Hiss has been knocked out. Taylor let us know that we didn't end with a TPK, and has, indeed, told us what is to come, but I will leave my dear readers in the dark!

Cast of Characters
Sir Hiss, Male Vishkanya Sorcerer 4 - Jon
Malek, Male Dwarf Fighter 4 - G2
Nomdalu, Female ?? Cleric of ?? 4 - Sam
Cale Fontan, Male Human Fighter 4 - Me