Miniatures, part 3 - D&D Miniatures, Group 1

And now we start with my collection of the old D&D Miniatures line. As mentioned previously, most of my collection ranges to the older sets, so are about a decade old.

I really bought into Harbinger when it dropped, but now the internet has very little unopened product left, and what I have found is fairly, though not prohibitively, costly. I still buy some of these now and then, when the mood strikes me and I feel the prices are reasonable.

All lists are grouped by set and number I own from that set, ordered as they are within that set, and with the quantity of each beside the individual mini names in parenthesis.

D&D Miniatures
Harbinger (52/80)
1 Cleric of Order
2 Cleric of Yondalla (2)
3 Dwarf Axefighter (3)
5 Evoker’s Apprentice (2)
8 Human Commoner (4)
10 Man-at-Arms (4)
11 Sun Soul Initiate
13 Tordek, Dwarf Fighter (2)
16 Axe Sister
19 Crested Felldrake (5)
20 Devis, Half-Elf Bard
21 Elf Archer (2)
22 Elf Pyromancer
23 Elf Ranger
24 Gnome Recruit (2)
27 Lidda, Halfling Rogue
28 Nebin, Gnome Illusionist
31 Wood Elf Skirmisher (3)
32 Azer Raider
34 Dire Boar
35 Lizardfolk
37 Wolf (4)
42 Goblin Sneak (3)
43 Half-Orc Fighter (7)
44 Hell Hound (7)
45 Human Blackguard
46 Human Executioner
47 Human Thug
48 Kobold Warrior (4)
52 Wight (2)
53 Wraith (2)
55 Skeleton (4)
56 Troglodyte Zombie
57 Wolf Skeleton
58 Zombie (4)
59 Cleric of Gruumsh
60 Drow Archer (2)
61 Drow Cleric of Lolth (2)
63 Ghoul
66 Human Bandit (3)
67 Hyena (4)
68 Kuo-Toa (4)
69 Large Fire Elemental
70 Minotaur
72 Orc Archer
73 Orc Berserker (2)
74 Orc Spearfighter (3)
75 Orc Warrior (3)
76 Tiefling Captain (3)
78 Umber Hulk
79 Werewolf (2)
80 Worg (2)

Dragoneye (18/60)
1 Cleric of Moradin
3 Gnome Fighter
9 Stonechild
12 Regdar, Human Fighter
14 Brass Dragon
15 Copper Samurai
19 Elf Spearguard (2)
23 Medium Air Elemental
32 Goblin Warrior
33 Hobgoblin Warrior
35 Kobold Skirmisher
39 Urthok the Vicious
42 Grimlock
47 Chitine
48 Dretch
51 Eye of Gruumsh
56 Ogre Ravager
60 Troglodyte

Archfiends (2/60)
18 Halfling Wizard
40 Zhentarim Fighter

Giants of Legend (6/72)
19 Lidda, Adventurer
22 Xeph Soulknife
23 City Guard
32 Hobgoblin Sergeant
43 Displacer Serpent
44 Drider Sorcerer

Aberrations (2/60)
19 Longtooth Barbarian
43 Silent Wolf Goblin

This is just the first five sets of the line. There are over 20 more, I think, but I don't have minis from each one. It's looking like at least two more posts of D&D Miniatures are on the way, to reduce the sizes of the lists to chunks that can actually be processed.

Edit 6/6/15 - Added more minis.

Miniatures, part 2 - D&D Icons

This installment is my collection of D&D Icons. The release of 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons brought about a new line of miniatures, and also played a small part in my recent glut of miniature purchases.

The line is put out by WizKids/NECA, who also does the Pathfinder Battles miniatures (and their own excellent HeroClix and MageKnight games), and the quality of them is really nice. My only complaint is sometimes mounting the flying figures on their sticks can be harder than it should be.

All lists are grouped by set and number I own from that set, ordered as they are within that set, and with the quantity of each beside the individual mini names in parenthesis.

D&D Icons of the Realms
Tyrrany of Dragons (29/45)
2 Stoutheart Halfling Female Bard
3 Quickling
4 Svirfneblin Fighter (2)
5 Kobold Fighter (2)
7 Mane Demon (2)
8 Human Paladin
9 Sun Elf Guard
10 Orc Fighter
11 Human Zhentarim Bandit
12 Hobgoblin Fighter
13 Human Female Barbarian (2)
14 Orog Orc Fighter
15 Doppleganger
16 Wood Elf Druid
18 Needle Blight
19 Human Red Wizard (2)
20 Human Cult of the Dragon Enforcer
21 Bugbear
23 Wraith
25 Ogre Mage
26 Stone Giant Elder (2)
29 Wyvern
30 Black Shadow Dragon
31 Green Dragon
32 Copper Dragon
39 Harpy
40 Gargoyle
41 Blue Dragon
42 Silver Dragon

Tyrrany of Dragons Starter Set (6/6) [Numbered sequentially with ToD]
46 Drow Elf Ranger Drizzt
47 Gold Dwarf Female Cleric
48 Human Female Ranger
49 Sun Elf Female Wizard
49 Sun Elf Female Wizard (Invisible)*
50 Northlands Fighter
51 Lightfoot Halfling Rogue

*Invisible characters are premium random inserts that share a number with their normal mini.

 Next up, I'll begin posting my miniatures from the D&D Miniatures lines. I'm beginning to think this will take up more than a few posts, also, as this is where I start getting into beefier lists.


Miniatures, part 1 - Star Wars

A while back, a member of my game group asked me if I would mind putting together a list of miniatures I have so that she could peruse and we could maybe do some trading and comparing. Well, I finally got around to it...6 or so months later.

I go through short buying spurts now and then with minis, usually coinciding with some new product that catches my eye for the current campaign I'm running, but I've never been an avid collector, and most of what I own is about a decade old. I recently got the bug again when I realized I almost have the whole set of Underdark D&D Miniatures, but those old minis are expensive, so it's been a slow process.

My collection is also almost exclusively prepainted plastic, and that's all I'll be posting. I don't have a truly extensive collection, but it's large enough that I'm going to be breaking this up into a few posts.

I'm starting with what is probably the least interesting part of my list to those who care; my Star Wars minis!
All lists are grouped by set and number I own from that set, ordered as they are within that set, and with the quantity of each beside the individual mini names in parenthesis.

Star Wars Miniatures
Rebel Storm (1/60)
14 R2-D2

Revenge of the Sith (11/60)
11 Clone Trooper Gunner (2)
16 Polis Massa Medic
18 Senate Guard
19 Shaak Ti
39 Super Battle Droid (2)
44 Devaronian Soldier
45 Gotal Fringer (2)
46 Human Mercenary
50 Sly Moore
53 Utapun Soldier
54 Yuzzem

Universe (6/60)
1 Clone Trooper
8 Hailfire Droid
14 ASP-7
18 Gonk Power Droid
38 Grand Admiral Thrawn
44 Bith Rebel

Next, I'll move on to my collection of D&D Icons miniatures.