The Arcane College Update

A lot has happened since I last posted about this game, but we've still not dealt with all of the Inner Planes in our quest to "lock" them temporally from the machinations of Orcus, whom we found out is on his way to trying to take over the universe and remake it to suit him. He's weaseled deals with some planar beings and has almost guaranteed that the gods won't be involved, as far as we can tell.

Another guy named John has joined us, playing a Half-Gold Dragon/Half-Drow Wizard 4 (was 5, but he got Circle of Death'd on the Elemental Plane of Water. We've fought aspects of Orcus a few more times, and have been threatened with beings such as Concordant Killers and mirror doubles who have yet to strike. Of the Inner Planes, we only have Negative and Positive left, and I think that things are just going to get tougher.

Cast of Characters
Belaraphon Astral Deva 10 - Carl
Chobham Sohes (Human Cleric 11 of Nerull) - Tony
? (Human Fighter/Reaping Mauler) - Steve
Nelsie (Elf Rogue 5/Rogue) - John C
? (Half-Gold Dragon Drow Wizard 4) - John
Nastrond Esyllo (Sun Elf Beguiler 10) - Me

I'll be back to giving weekly updates starting next week, so look for those.

My Tuesday Campaign, Session 1: The Sunless Citadel, pt 1

So, I've ran this one once when we should have played it twice by now, but eh.
Back in 2001ish, I bought all the published adventures that WotC put out as the adventure path. I was stoked. I thought there would be plenty of opportunity to run them, and I was right, but 3.x came out at a time when I had become really comfortable with running my own homebrew stuff, so the adventures always turned into an "after this campaign..." project.
Fast forward all this time and I'm running them for only the 3rd time. First was solo with John Davis' Ogre Fighter Denain. He was already a Ftr5 when he started through the adventures, so, as you can guess, he amassed tons of xp and wealth, ending as a lv 23 (I think) Fighter. The second run was played "green," using the generic rules from 3.x UA. That game was a blast, and sadly ended in a TPK. There was also a 3rd go at them (which I don't count) when I had the original idea to run them as an Eberron campaign, but everyone was working on their backstory and chargen and never got around to playing.

Moving ahead to now, the adventures are set in Eberron (with a few changes to flavor to match the setting) near the mountains in Karnnath. So far, the PCs have been sent to find out the fate of a group of adventurers that went to investigate what happened to the goblins with which they had been trading for vital curative magics.
Travelling to a crag that recently opened due to earthquake, they delved in to find a castle that had sunk into the earth (the Sunless Citadel!). Venturing further in, they made contact with a group of kobolds and were able to negotiate their way through the territory held by them to move on into the goblin-held warrens. At first, the kobolds, who know the larger races deal with the goblins, were apprehensive to let the big ones move through, since they war with the gobbos, but they sent Meepo, Keeper of Dragons along and tasked the group with finding the clan's dragon and bringing it back safely both as a sign of good faith and as payment for safe passage.
Having found the dragon and wiped out the goblin clan, they found a signet ring belonging to one of the previous adventurers that descended into the Citadel, which has led them to want to investigate further.
Meepo and the dragon, a white wyrmling named Calcryx, both wish not to rejoin the kobold clan, as though they both hold revered position within the clan, they are both virtual prisoners within their society, and have thus pledged themselves to joining the PCs.
Where it goes from here, you'll find out in a couple of weeks!

Cast of Characters
Calcryx White Dragon Wyrmling - Racheal
Meepo, Keeper of Dragons Kobold Dragon Shaman 3 - Darrell
Alerz Fellhaven* Kalashtar Psion(Psychokineticist?) 3 - Carl
Devin "Lucky" Nel Human Cleric 3 of Olladra - Paul
Vacht Human Wizard 3 - Steve
Bellosh Feral Shifter Barbarian 2 - Tami

*You may have noticed that Carl has given his characters in both my games the last name Fellhaven. The Drow War is not set in Eberron, nor are his Elf or Kalashtar related, but, he explained to me that they are the alternate universe versions of each other. I thought that was nifty and decided to share. Carry on.


What Vampire: The Requiem Clan Fits You?

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Wow, Almost 3 Months...

Why, hello there...

Yeah, it's been way too long since I posted, but eh. There's been multiple reasons for that and they aren't important to this post, or any, for that matter.

There's been quite a bit of gaming since I last posted, save for a short lull in July for my game and August for Paul's.

The Drow War is still going strong in 4th Edition, though I must admit I'm having a kinda hard time working on encounters. The game either doesn't support high player numbers well, or I don't have a grasp of encounter building yet in the edition. Everything seems too easy. Despite this, we're almost done with the first book, and I'm thinking that things will just get tougher for me, not necessarily for the players. I don't want to drop the game, but I can honestly say I'm not "feeling it" right now. What that means for the game, I can't say. The Drow War WILL be finished, though.

On Tuesdays, Big Mike and I have started taking turns pulling DM duty as he tackles the WotC-published 4E adventures (Keep on the Shadowfell, etc.) in his campaign and I'm running the published 3E adventure path that WotC put out (The Sunless Citadel, etc.). Mine has yet to be played, but everyone now has characters, so we're good for Tuesday after next. In Mike's game, we all have a blast. Paul, Steve, and I are playing our characters as kinda "green" so we have alot of fun in the roleplay of it. I also can brag that my Warlock is the only character NOT to have been knocked to dying in the game. Carl will be joining us on Tuesdays now that his work schedule has changed, so that will give us some much needed help.

Paul's 3.5 game on Wednesdays is still going strong, and we've finally made it to 10th level. This is actually one of the best games I've ever played in. We always have so much fun and just last night, Carl, Steve, and Tony took out an Iron Golem while I was breaking into jewel cases around them. They didn't resent the fact once I split the loot evenly. We're back on the Elemental Plane of Earth after going to the Plane of Fire. Things are terribly amiss, as everyone in the city we had went to on the outskirts of the Great Dismal Delve had been slain. We resolved to press on to get to the bottom of things, though it looks like we're messing with more than just Orcus and some Void Mages, or whatever the hell they call themselves.

Thursday nights now are dedicated to Vampire (character creation still in the works.) Tony has been putting together a Chronicle, of which I have next to no details as of yet, for our undead to maneuver through. Racheal (Toreador 12th Gen), Steve (Tremere 11th Gen), Jon (Toreador 13th Gen), Lauren (Ventrue 13th Gen), and I (Ventrue 13th Gen) have all signed up for the game. So far, not sure who else will be in, but I can't wait. I've been wanting something other than D&D for a while, and I think this will really, really be awesome.

Chris Hedler has talked about doing a 2E Dark Sun game on Sunday evenings, and I've mentioned a late night 3.5 Ravenloft game at the Hedler's house. That should be pretty cool, methinks, if those get going.

I'm still craving some non-D&D rpg'n, and I can't seem to escape the funk I'm in about it. I don't want to drop any of the D&D games I have going, or any of the games I play in, but I think after the run of one of my games, I'll definitely be doing something different. Superheroes, or something. Tony's Vampire game will definitely help there, but yeah.

I'm back to semi-regular posting now! Gonna try to find a pattern I'm good with as far as posting goes, so maybe I'll step it up even more than March! That'd be crazy, right?