Just some stoofs.

So...I don't know what's up? I was able to get back to gaming last night, there were absolutely NO hangups...I tried to call Paul and no answer. I'm not sure what's going on with that, but maybe I should just go over there or try to catch him at work or something to explain that I can't reach him. I dunno.
I just wanna play, man. I have some big plans for my game and my characters in other games. Just wish stuff would jive.

In other news, Travian is still going good. Rob hax, so he's heaps better than everyone on Server 5, but Server 6 opened on the 5th and if anyone has been interested in the game, that's the best place to be. Right in on the ground floor. Me and the others I play with are all in the South East.

Join us at Server 6!

Not much else going on. Looking forward to 4th Edition D&D. More on that later!

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