Absence and Ashardalon

And so here I am, not having been heard of for quite some time again, and having finally finished our Eberron campaign. Hurrah!

I can't say I'm behind or too busy as reasoning for my silence here at the blog, it's just that, until today, I've not felt like doing it. That happens, ya know. I do have my plate full with alot of stuff, and maybe it contributes, but I dunno.
For what it's worth, I'm sorry to those of you who read this thing.

I do, however, feel like talking about games and gaming again, and maybe things will swing back up. Maybe not. I can't make promises.

Anyway, I'll talk a bit about the Eberron campaign and how it seemed to have an upswing at the last. Taylor had been joining us for the last few sessions, and pretty much everyone had seemed to have been having fun as things got a bit more focused. The last few sessions had good roleplay interactions, great character-play and just a good sense of fun.

Alot of the end of the campaign took place in a series of demiplanes, which I had to shoehorn into the Eberronian cosmology, but in the end, things seemed to have went smoothly, and the final encounter was engaging enough to not be as underpowered as everything else in the campaign had seemed up to that point.

In fact, the Ashardalon fight was downright dangerous, and Nas died. The reason was that everyone wanted to take the fight to Big, Red, and Scaly and failed to do some Adventuring 101 and CLEAR THE AREA. Important lesson. More combatants made things a big tougher, and overall, the sacrifices made to finish it made the encounter a memorable one.

In the end, everyone was rewarded by the Host with 0 Divine Rank. YeY Demigods!
This boon came with a price in the gods saying that the PCs will "continue to serve them," and perhaps we can revisit these characters after a campaign or two to continue their adventures.

Those who were present were all rewarded with divinity, even Mac's Iron Golem (who is now sentient) and Druss, who is a Paladin of another faith. Interesting stuff that might come into play when/if the game is ever resumed.

I can only hope that the energy and excitement that seemed to be there going out of the Eberron game will persist for the Dark Sun game that starts on the 5th.

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