When Captain America Throws His Mighty Shield...

"...all those who oppose his shield must yield! If he's led to a fight and a duel is due, then the red and the white and the blue will come through...when Captain America throws his mighty shield!" - Old Captain America cartoon theme.

Yeah, so...this post isn't really about Captain America, not directly. What it IS about are games like Godlike, Weird Wars, Adventure! (none of which I have experience with,) Mutants & Masterminds, Aberrant, and Scion...and any other game that has a good enough feel to be dropped into WWII.

I do like Captain America, and as an extension, I like the idea of pulpy superheroes punching Hitler and his goons in the face. That's always appealed to me. I like the idea of men and women with extraordinary abilities running in the muck with the ground pounders, battling for every inch and inspiring their fellow countrymen to great deeds as they help the war effort in any way they can. It appeals to the values of America, and the pride most Americans take in the leaps we took during the War and in the Post-War era.

I bring this up because I have thought of it before as a viable campaign option, and I just acquired the Scion Companion, which puts forth a fairly solid framework to hang a campaign on, as well as introducing the American, British, and Soviet pantheons and further fleshing out the "Axis" pantheons for the model.

While Scion is a game about godlings, the abilities and items they have put them on the same scale as low-powered superheroes and I see no reason why any other supernatural types can't be introduced into the game, as well. Picture you're the scion of Sam, Uncle Sam, that is...and you're charging up a hill beside your pal who suddenly goes into crinos form and tears up some Nazis. Insane to think of....pretty cool. The possibilities for social dynamics in the roleplay mixed up with some two-fisted action is sweet.

I'm all over the map again, but the concept is really going wild in my brainheadthing, too, and I thought I would share some of the enthusiasm. I've been thinking about it lately as what I want to do next, should Dark Sun not go how I would like, or if some other opportunity presents itself.
I dunno. Just some stuff!

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Josh said...

Scion is a bit of a sore spot for me since back in the mid 90's my friends & I were playing a homebrew supers Storyteller system with this exact same premise at a couple conventions way back when. We called it "Cabiri: The Progeny". Historically cabiri were pre-Greek gods of the Mediterranean that lived among people and taught them things like fishing, agriculture, and ship building. Players chose their Pantheon, progenitor god, and their power, (and the best part about it, there were NO set powers, just their general dice pool, and their power effect which was left totally up to the player), and stated under the general power pool of Endowment. They were the Children of the Sun, as the garou were the Children of the Moon, and typically battled similar enemies like fomori and Pentex goons. And yes, we totally mixed & matched with other WW products and them running with garou, kindred, mages, and immortals (ala Highlander).
With a WWII backdrop, you can easily have them trying to head off a Nazi expedition to acquire artifacts from R'lyeh, lol.