Sins of the Flesh (Golem)

Last Friday, after weeks and weeks of delving into the Crypt of Sayn (an ex-human king of no little fame and wealth,) we finally reached his burial chamber and its guardian...a flesh golem!

The tedium of traps and exploration had worn our resolve, as well as our nerves, but our band jumped to face the abomination of flesh that stood before us, with Chymond and Kedereckt moving in to directly confront the thing, and Oth and Xulira adding in magical (and for the most part, ineffective) artillery.

During the assault, our quarry made his presence known, and to our surprise, Sayn turned out to be a Lich, and the Lich turned out to be a Warlock, and pelted us with abyssal rays at his leisure while his brute smacked us around good.

Kedereckt fell shortly to the construct's meatpaws and then the thing was disabled itself, leaving the Lich to make his fight alone, which our arcanists ended quickly, with Sayn doing a good BBEG laugh and telling us we had unleashed him onto the world. Something for us to deal with later, and later, and later...until we find his phylactery, that is! ...not that any of us know that about Liches...

During the looting of the burial chamber, we discovered that Kedereckt was indeed farther beyond help than we originally thought, and had apparently succumbed to a poison that none of us knew was in his veins.

Here, we left off...without the ability to raise our comrade (Steve vetoed the raising, though I had just attained 5th level and could have done it,) and wanting to return to the delve of our dwarven patrons as soon as possible.

Cast of Characters
Chymond Veg "The Bronze Vassal," Dwarf Cleric 9 - Me
Oth Ixen, Kobold Wizard 9 - David B.
Kedereckt, Human Rogue 5/Assassin 4 - Steve C. deceased
Xulira Shiesril, Drow Warlock 5/Demonbinder 2 - Angela

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