The Age of Worms, Sessions 5-7

I joined this game a few sessions in, right before the party were to make their second foray into a temple/tomb created by some race the others had discovered were called the Wind Dukes. There, we surveyed the place, seemingly avoiding the worst the place had to offer, until we came upon a great pillar of air and its guardians, beings seemingly made entirely of hard air, which quickly cut down my character, but were defeated thanks to the help of the party's patron and summoned hippogriffs.

After a retreat to recover, the group again delved the temple/tomb, this time with a new member and the full complement of party members. This time, we were more successful and were able to discover a tomb that held a few magic items and the interred remains of what we assumed to be a Wind Duke.

Returning to our patron and gaining information about the items recovered and about the goings-on in the town, which I am still a little unclear on, having joined the group last of everyone playing, we then decided to uncover what was going on at the local mines(?)!

Devising a plan of attack and going in, we as the party, plus our wizardly necromantic patron and his pet owlbear zombie, without too much of a hitch, we finally reached the bottom of the mines, down an elevator, only to be ambushed by Tieflings and a large group of skeletons.

Dispatching them after a pitched battle, we moved on into the complex and came across more resistance, which cut down Corwyn when he was overwhelmed after the Halfling went to chase a possible escapee, which was cut down quickly, along with the group that took out the Cleric of the Laughing God. Another small group was found and slain as well before the group took camp within the compound, then pressed on to find a dire boar in a large chamber in the complex, which was taken out with no casualties by smart thinking of the group.

Cast of Characters
Corwyn Brand, Human Cleric of Olidammara 1/Rogue 1 (Deceased) - Me
Itsok Bluecloak, Dwarf Cleric of Dugmaren Brightmantle 2 (Deceased) - Me
Mullins, Gnome Rogue 1/Wizard 2 - Paul
Rosebud, Gnome ?? ?? - Tina
Able Nightengale, Human Healer 2 - David
Bade, Halfling Fighter 3 - Taylor
Xan, Maenad Duskblade 3 - Andrew

As you can tell from how short this post is, and from the "Cast of Characters" part, I have a big disconnect from this game. It's not that Angela is doing a bad job, it's just, I think, the fact that I've had a bad run of characters lately, and I probably will be more into it than I have been once I have a character that has more investment in the party and actually knows what's going on. I, as a player, of course know, but I valuate my character's usefulness on how much they can actually contribute to the party.
I really like how all the characters are portrayed, and how well alignment and each character's personal views and goals are brought to light, such as Taylor's (almost Chaotic) Neutrality, and David's Healer's avoidance of causing harm to any creature. The game is fun, the group is fun...now all I need is to keep one of my guys alive.

Edit: Inserted missing character information in the Cast part, but shame on me for not originanally remembering my own character's name, though he did die the first session I played of the game.

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