Sealing the Dragon's Gate Parts 2 and 3 (of 3)

The past two months have been fairly busy, with me gaining a promotion, Angela completing her classes to become a reserve police officer, and other obligations and illnesses for various members of the group, but we have managed to eke out five sessions* of our various games during the 8 weeks since I last posted. Here's the conclusion of our 3-part Eberron game ran by Paul.

After leaving the dragon we encountered in the kobold city, we began our dangerous trek further into the mountain, in search of the Demon (alternately, Dragon) Gate, which we were to seal with the scroll afforded us by the Daughters of Sora Kell.

Our passage was blocked by throngs of tieflings and demons of all sorts in fierce combat with a small group of elder dragons of various color. The breach in the Gate had spilled forth much more than we had anticipated and so we threw our power into the fight against the fell host, seemingly doing very little to turn the tide of battle. Then, a few of us had the idea of pushing for the back of the cavern - over a mile deeper into hostile territory, harried all the way by fiends until the Gate was in sight.

Once there, I pulled the scroll and enacted the magic to bind the Gate, and simultaneously, the demon host broke, carrying the day for our band. We finished our business there and returned to the heart of Droaam victorious. There were more of these Gates to be sealed, and many, more dire challenges that awaited us, no doubt, but those are stories for another day...

Cast of Characters**
Saint Cleanse, Awakened Sainted Empowered Divine Living Fireball Monk 8/Paladin 2/Shibu Protector 1 - David
??, Medusa Fighter 10  - Angela
??, Dragonkin Dragonborn Dragon Adept 10 -Tami
??, Harssaf Rogue 10 -Taylor
Anak, Draconic Human-blooded Arkamoi Sorceror 2/Incantatrix 9 - Me

*there is a little bit of debate about this, as some of us remember the last part of Paul's game taking 2 sessions and the rest remembering it as a 2-parter in whole, with the last part just being insanely long. It was only discussed briefly, but ultimately doesn't matter.

**You might notice a level disparity between mine and David's characters and the others. That's because we all gained a level at the end of the last session, and I can't recall what anyone else took. Perhaps some insight will come in comments. Also, I'm not sure of anyone's name, so maybe I can be clued in to those.

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