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Eberron (Defendersverse)

Captain Aundair

This Extranormal being was, in many historian's minds, the only reason Aundair survived past the final days of the Last War.

Art by pursuer-of-darkness
Shortly after the plans by Lord Marlex were intercepted and acted against with brutal efficiency by the Thranes in late 925 YK, and another crushing setback in 927, Aundair was put on their back foot in the war and were struggling to hold their lines against an empowered Thrane and keep a stalling presence upon the Karnnathi front. This was not to be for long.

Thrane pushed forward and held much of southern Aundair, cowing the citizens there and denying them food to break their wills. The Karnns, however, were conducting even viler practices. Though known to have employed undead in their armies, a new commander on the western front, known as Kron, was reviled, even among his allies for corpse-harvesting battlefields to bolster his armies. 

Aundair could not stand by any longer. The Knights Arcane had collected the only survivor from the field of a Karnnathi victory, a body clinging to life after the awful enervating touch of an undead had nearly claimed him. He was taken to the towers of Arcanix and powerful magics and alchemies were concocted and forced into this soldier's body. 

On the brink of death as he was, his physical shell could not fight off any of the effects forced into him, and all involved feared that this soldier would give his life for his country on the slap of an arcane lab. It was not to be, however, as his will to fight and live held the magics tight to his frame, shaping him into the peak of human perfection. 

Aundair had the first of what they hoped was a series of enhanced soldiers, and by keeping him unnamed, save for the nomme de guerre of Captain Aundair, had a powerful tool to rebolster patriotism and, in theory, also aid the failing recruitment seen in the nation. 

Captain Aundair was dispatched to the Eastern Front to battle Karnnath, where he met in battle with Kron and soundly defeated him, leading Kaius II to dismiss the general in the face of defeat and overwhelming political pressure over Kron's battlefield atrocities. Kron was a blessing in comparison to his replacement, however, a diabolical soldier - matched in many ways to Captain Aundair - and being called the Red Skull.

Captain Aundair served diligently and courageously for the crown of Aundair for sixty-six years in the Last War, never seeming to age a day in his service. He ended up missing in action, and feared dead, after the Day of Mourning, as he was in Metrol around that time.
Sabotage brought about the end of the program which birthed the Captain, and though heralded as the first Extranormal early on, evidence that others had come before leaves many to believe that he is simply the first in the modern era.


The Catacombs (of Wrath)

Discovered by Vic, Walt, and Rissi after pursuing Tsuto Kaijutsu through the Glassworks in Sandpoint, the heroes did multiple excursions into these vaults, even once taking the sage, Brodert Quink, with them to help determine the age and purpose behind the structure, as well as determine who built it.

Quink was certain (and correct) that the catacombs were constructed during the days of ancient Thassilon, and the party discovered cells and chambers that made it apparent that it had served as a prison during that time. 

Deep in the bowels of this structure, the heroes encountered twisted rage-driven abominations and even a weaker form of demon known as a quasit, both of which gave the group more trouble than they bargained for.


The Council

Alternately known as the Council, the Council of Wyrms, the Dragon Knights, or the Dragon Council, this odd body is rumored to be composed of some of the oldest and most powerful of each type of dragon on Khardtha.

Little else is known about the Council, save that it was presumably founded by Clughfelyliam, a great wyrm green - who is also rumored to be the first dragon to ever step foot on Khardtha - after supposedly delcaring that he would gather his kind in grand council. For what reasons then or now the dragons band together is unknown, though it is said by those claiming to have seen them that they never travel in their true forms, instead traipsing the countryside disguised as knights (thus the alternate name for the group), resplendent in fantastic armors, and carrying equally magnificent weapons.

Each, in their knightly forms, sits astride a mount unique to the rider and reflecting their supposed demeanor. Among these beasts are enormous hell hounds, nightmares, pegasi, and more. Others have reported seeing the members of this group riding horses that match their own draconic hues, leading some to speculate that the 'horses' were dragons, as well, using shaping magic to assume the form of stallions.

Whatever the truth behind the Council, even if they are these great dragons, indeed, when and if they decide to act upon or against any idea or individual or group, they will present what may be the most powerful force ever gathered on Khardtha.

The Wilderlands

The City-State of the Invincible Overlord

The Great Enemy. The City State of the Invincible Overlord - known as Ryan's Ruin to sages, Rhamsandron to wizards, and Normoot to the native barbarian Altanians - or simply, the City State, lies to the east of Viridistan and has been a constant needle in the side of the World Emperor.

Though defeated decisively in almost every engagement, the City State is seen as a necessary pest, the bug that shall not be permanently smashed, as its tributes keep a steady flow of gold into Viridistan's coffers. The periodic incursions and the contested borders that are a hotbed of military and civil action are of little distraction, though the tension grows and may someday soon pop, making Viridistan finally conquer their neighbor to the east.

Travel and commerce between the city-states is sometimes necessary, but no true Viridistani would stay long in a city occupied by those would would regularly traffic with the monstrous races of orcs, trolls, and goblins.

Likewise, the heretical beliefs practiced in the City State no doubt breeds the poor dispositions that most denizens of that tyranny display. Might be all the mammals they eat, too.

At least, that's what the World Emperor's own Guard Sergeant Trisful says...

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