Dark Heresy, Session 12: Dead Stars

And so we conducted ourselves far into this frozen prison on Mara. We suspected more warpspawn and such at every turn, growing suspicious of every creak, groan, or movement around us.

Indeed, here we were, great saviours of  the Imperium, jumpy and frightened, but with conviction in our hearts, our hands taken in His, that He may guide us.

Before long, we heard the chatter, roar, and snap of firearms and made to see if we had found another island of Imperials afloat and in danger in this Hell. We did find a woman, wearing finery more appropriate to a dining hall or ball room, and her retinue. She introduced herself as a Miss something-or-another, a Rogue Trader who had come seeking the fortunes of Haarlock.

She knew we held some of the man's corrupt treasure and demanded it from us, but when we refused, she and hers attacked. We quickly tore her retinue apart, but we had great trouble with the lady, finding mid-way through the engagement that she was of some accursed xeno race.

I begged the Emperor to give me and my companions strength, but one fell, then another. We gave it our all that this alien not sully and bespoil our precious Empire, but in the end it was just me and one of the others I had not the notion to gain the name of. A shame that I think he knew not mine, either. We could have vouched for each other in this glorious afterlife given to those who serve Him.

We fell together, and that was the end and all of the service I could provide you. Would that it could have been more, my Emperor....my God.

Cast of Characters
??, ?? (??) ?? (??) - Angela
??, ?? (Hive World) ?? (??) -  Paul
??, ?? (??) Magistrate (Arbiter 7) - Taylor
Mohrdecai, Cadian (Fortress World) Lieutenant (Guardsman 6) - Me
??, ?? (Forge World) Mech-Deacon (Tech-Priest 7) - George
??, ?? (Feral World) Nihilator (Assassin 7) - Sam

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