The Defenders, Vol. 2, Issue 21 - Leavin' On An Airship, Don't Know When I'll Be Back Again

Arriving in Sharn, the group immediately splits up to look into gaining all the answers they can. Bennet makes for the Asteroid to speak to Magnus, Kurt and the others go to Xavier's School and there meet Banshee, a colleague of the Professor and member of the Lanterns. Banshee has been alerted to Charles' extended disappearance by Wesley Dodds, the man left in charge of the School until the Professor was able to return.

Dodds had prompted Banshee to stay until the group made contact, but fortunately they had come to him. Long discussion, shared notes, and new research leads the team at the School to come up with some leads that they might want to follow.

Meanwhile, Bennet gets to the Asteroid and after some posturing with the Juggernaut, speaks with Magnus about the happenings in the Mournland, asking if Magnus had a part in anything, or if he knew who would, then begins talking about the Destiny Arms and what more they know. It's agreed that the giants need to be stopped and after getting no further, Bennet departs for the School.

Another day is spent in Sharn while everyone wraps up what they are doing and they are greeted by a familiar face. T'challa is also in Sharn and offers a little bit of information and a ride to Stormhome aboard his airship. From there the party wishes to embark for the Frostfell, where the League and the Defenders supposedly went when both groups came up missing.

When they get closer to Stormhome, however, the skies are darkened and thick with smoke and lightning. Off in the distance, it can be seen that a volcano has formed in the bay outside the city!

Next Issue, A Fearful Demise!

Cast of Characters
Jean Grey, Elan Psion (Kineticist) 12|Wilder 12  - Angela
Bennet du Paris [Exodus], Human Psion (Nomad) 11|Spellthief 5/Cerebrex 6 -Taylor
Kurt Wagner [Nightcrawler], Lesser Tiefling Rogue 3/Fighter 8/Swashbuckler 1|Totemist 2/Wizard 3/Umbral Disciple 2/Telflammar Shadowlord 4/Soul Caster 1 - David 
Kitty Pryde [Shadowcat], Human Wizard 10|Ninja 10 - Sam
Sean Cassidy [Banshee], Dragonfire Adept 7/Green Lantern 3|Bard 10 - Paul

Green Lantern is a custom prestige class that you will be able to see soon. I need to compile it and make it presentable from my handwritten notes. Look for it in one of the next couple of write ups for this game.

As a final note here, my janky notes I take for games might be off in some way or another. If any of my players ever wants to set me straight on anything, they are more than welcome.

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