Miniatures, part 1 - Star Wars

A while back, a member of my game group asked me if I would mind putting together a list of miniatures I have so that she could peruse and we could maybe do some trading and comparing. Well, I finally got around to it...6 or so months later.

I go through short buying spurts now and then with minis, usually coinciding with some new product that catches my eye for the current campaign I'm running, but I've never been an avid collector, and most of what I own is about a decade old. I recently got the bug again when I realized I almost have the whole set of Underdark D&D Miniatures, but those old minis are expensive, so it's been a slow process.

My collection is also almost exclusively prepainted plastic, and that's all I'll be posting. I don't have a truly extensive collection, but it's large enough that I'm going to be breaking this up into a few posts.

I'm starting with what is probably the least interesting part of my list to those who care; my Star Wars minis!
All lists are grouped by set and number I own from that set, ordered as they are within that set, and with the quantity of each beside the individual mini names in parenthesis.

Star Wars Miniatures
Rebel Storm (1/60)
14 R2-D2

Revenge of the Sith (11/60)
11 Clone Trooper Gunner (2)
16 Polis Massa Medic
18 Senate Guard
19 Shaak Ti
39 Super Battle Droid (2)
44 Devaronian Soldier
45 Gotal Fringer (2)
46 Human Mercenary
50 Sly Moore
53 Utapun Soldier
54 Yuzzem

Universe (6/60)
1 Clone Trooper
8 Hailfire Droid
14 ASP-7
18 Gonk Power Droid
38 Grand Admiral Thrawn
44 Bith Rebel

Next, I'll move on to my collection of D&D Icons miniatures.

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