We're taking it to that bastard ASAP!

I mentioned Paul's "Lich Lord" game last time. No clue if he has a name for the campaign...if he does, I've not heard it, so it's the "Lich Lord" game.

The game was running at Paul and Henry's other game group, from what I understand, and Paul ported it over when we decided to get this group over. I was told to make a 9th level character, so I whipped up a Wizard/Sorceror/Ultimate Magus because they kick ass and the party of 1 I would be joining had 0 arc-tillery.
Paul and I hashed out a quick background in which my character had tasked herself with seeking the notes on the spellcraft of a particular mage, who I had later found out was a lich. Old school hooks like that are awesome, really. I dig that shit.

Anyway, I hooked up with Henry's character and a guy named Brenton joined us for this session. Turns out they were playing a Druid and a Cleric, respectively. No meatshields in this group at all. Joy.

After me heckling the Druid for some non-Druidy things, we all made peace and came up against a guy that set his minions upon us. What were they, you ask? Vampiric Rabbits.

That's right...vampiric bunnies. You know you like that shit.

So they did some hurting on us because they're fast. We completely kill the bastards, though, just in time for their master to slip away. No big deal, he's our next time, right?

Wrong. We travel more, coming upon a cottage beseiged by vampiric wolves and worgs and that Lost Boy wannabe. We take out his pack o' hounds and he slips away again. WTF!
Given, he had hidden this time and only one character saw him fly away. Can't remember who, but I woulda blasted him with a long range spell if it had been me. Kindly lady in the cottage takes us in for the day, cause we chose to travel nights since we were dealing with vampires. She gives us each a charm of some sort and sends us on our way that night.

We have to slip through an old burial ground on our way to the lich lord's place. Our cleric decides to camp in the thing while Henry and I hole up on the other side. Long story short: Brenton becomes a Shadow. Heh. (Oddly, he's not rejoined us to play, which is lame.)

Henry and I continue and are given the option to make extra characters. We both make stabby/slicey types. He a Paladin, me a Fighter. We enter another graveyard at the base of the ridge that takes us to the lich's manor and encounter some crap undead bolstered by 4 Bleakborn. Dunno if you know these baddies, but they suck your heat and use it to fuel themselves. Henry's Pally turns 3 of them. We fail to kill the one remaining and my fighter goes down. We're in the process of retreating with our pal the dead fighter to come up with a good plan when the last session ended.

Man...Bleakborn fucking rock. Go undead!
And also, that vampire prissy ass is going down!

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