And Now This Special Update of Gaming '08

It's been a bit since I've done any gaming synopses, so I thought I would swing short recaps of every game along with some thoughts on stuff to come.

Carl's Tuesday Game - Zombie A Go Go (3.5 D&D)
Not much has happened it this one except a couple of zombie battles. All of the zombies so far have been fast ones, and one was a freakin BISON! It nearly killed us, but we scraped through.

Paul's Wednesday Game - The Arcane College (3.5 D&D)
Time jumping has ceased. We're in a race FOR time and all of reality/ies against Orcus, who has started to unravel time in the ultimate act of spreading entropy. The Material Plane is almost lost. Our hopping weakened the timestream enough for the demon prince to almost entirely destroy it.
The Time Lords are the only ones holding it together, but they can't do that forever. We've been tasked to travel the planes to stop Orcus before he destroys everything. Our first stop, and where we currently are, is the Elemental Plane of Air. We're trying to get our bearings and figure out exactly where we need to go.

John's Thursday Game - Dragon Loins Inn (Forgotten Realms 3.5 D&D)
As it stands, we're racing toward Waterdeep to prevent the assassination of an "elf bitch." Evidence has led us to believe that she's a Harper agent and is being targeted by the Zhentarim. Certain parties wish to stop our interference and many other obstacles have slowed us down greatly in the pursuit of our goals.

My Sunday Game - The Drow War (3.5 D&D)
The party finally made it to Saragost and is now warning outlying villages. The army of Duergar and their mysterious masters draw ever closer to Saragost and the Battle of Hoxley Field is nigh!

So...that's it. The rest of the nights are pretty much all Magic: The Gathering, which I've been getting back into...because money sinks are fun, right? =/
Anyway, there's a pattern in all those games that I'd like to shake up: It's ALL freakin D&D! I'm thinking of throwing together a Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game campaign or even Vampire or Werewolf. Just something to break up the monotony.
I also have to work more on my freakin' 4E game. So much gaming, not enough time!

More on all that junk later.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, I guess I'll need to revamp my Gamma World game and get you some post-apocalyptic shenanigans going on! =D

Josh D

Buddy Richards said...

Yes, please! I'll take two.