I'm Bringing Undead Back From The....well, not dead. I want them to be undead still and...

First off, I owe my one reader a huge apology because I said I was back on track, then BOOM bombshell dropped on me and I just haven't had the will to post anything. Sorry. I hope everyone understands that personal shit > gaming.

But yeah, tonight I have been thinking about my games. Most notably, my 4th Edition game that is undoubtedly forthcoming, along with all those that have come before and I realized something.... I let undead fade away from my games. Why? I have no clue, because when I first got into the hobby, I ran a bit undead heavy. Zombies, skeletons, vampires, you name it, I used it. I even made up some of my own and I still think they're the most kickass monsters ever.

Hell, I even used to play Vampire Counts as my Warhammer Fantasy Battles army and I got into Vampire: The Masquerade because of my like of the creatures of the night, so why, in my most recent gaming endeavors, do I seem to shy away? It bugs me. It shouldn't, but it does.

What am I doing to correct it? Well, nothing at the moment, but they will be featured in my games prominently again, because they make for compelling villains, even when it's just a smash and move on encounter. In my experience, nothing makes a character stop and think more than encountering the walking dead, because you have to take into account the fact that 1) there could be more, 2) whoever animated them could be around, and 3) something very fucking bad is going down or has went down in this area.

Suspense created by even the foreshadowing of undeath can sometimes be very tangible. I think it feeds off the base fears of death we have and to think of not only something dead, but something dead that wants to make you dead...well, that's just some trippy shit. So...they're coming back in full swing. With the new zombie types and fast zombies in 4th, I think that everyone will have a blast with it.

Also, thinking about giving my goblins in Khardtha horns. Why? Because the Boggarts of Magic: The Gathering's Lorwyn/Shadowmoor have them and they look pretty keen. The elves have horns, too...things to think on!

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Anonymous said...

Undead are always a good go-to monster for the very reasons you stated. It would be a hoot to work on a zombie movie too. Maybe zombie muppets, with their stuffing hanging out, craving the living, lol. Never mind me, just a bit loopy right now. I can dig horned goblins too. I plan on having some elemental goblins in my upcoming setting, so go for it!