The Drow War, Session 8

Yeah, I know. There's been quite a gap between now and the last time I had anything to say about The Drow War, but things happen and there have been a couple of skipped weeks, etc.

This week almost saw no play time, and only saw half the group show up.
Josh and Ricky Joe converted their characters to 4th while Tony and I helped/played Magic. I thought it would be a quicker process than it was, but only having 1 PHB at the table wasn't exactly a boon. (Tony sold out the first day.)

Josh made Veit a Dwarven Fighter and Ricky Joe converted Jaymes to a Human Paladin. Tony made a whole new character beforehand...an Eladrin Rogue, since his Monk currently isn't a feasible option.

Our heroes have found their way back to the grand city of Saragost after going to more outlying villages and they not only thwarted a bomb plot but they also stopped a group of Drow agents who had stolen keys that allow access to The Tower of Undying Light!

That was the only encounter we were able to pound through on Sunday, but it went seamless. Everyone seemed comfortable with the system, even Josh, who is a fairly new player. That was a huge relief to me. The only thing I wish were faster was character creation, though this was a first for the guys, so that's probably why.

I have to say...I'm torn on "Minions." While I think it's novel, it's kind of insulting to your players to have people whose only purpose is to redshirt. It might be better served in a super hero game. I threw 8 minions, a spellcaster, 2 beaters and a warlock at them and they barely scraped by. The level system of 4E is a much more accurate display of scale than CR is, and I appreciate that.

Another thing that bothers me is that there's no true conversion. Maybe doesn't bother me so much as sadden me. The guys have worked hard to earn every level they've gotten, and players like Tony and Paul (who had to give up their characters entirely, basically) are seemingly cheated. Both seem happy with what they made, though, so I hope we can just focus on the game and not the downfalls of the system.

Here's a reminder of the players/characters....and the new roster!
Old Crew
Jaymes (Starborn Human Fighter 5) - Ricky Joe
Micah Tasrofee (Starborn Human Monk 5) - Tony
Veit "Granetfist" Mead (Starborn Shield Dwarf Barbarian 2/Fighter 3) - Josh M.
Ya-ro (Starborn Aasimar Cleric 4 of Old Heakun) - Paul
Therass (Starborn Catfolk Scout 2) - Josh D/Carl
Khaz (Starborn Dwarf Barbarian 4) - John
Alexi Fellhaven (Starborn Human Ranger 4) - Carl
Morrigan (Starborn Fire Genasi Warlock 2) - Steve

New Crew
Jaymes (Starborn Human Paladin 5) - Ricky Joe
Immeral Althaka (Starborn Eladrin Rogue 5) - Tony
Veit Granetfist (Starborn Dwarf Fighter 5) - Josh M.
Ya-ro (Starborn Human Cleric 5 of Old Heakun) - Paul
Alexi Fellhaven (Starborn Elf Ranger 5) - Carl
Morrigan (Starborn Tiefling Warlock 5) - Steve

John has a busy summer due to his work, but will likely rejoin us soon enough. Josh D, you're always welcome to my game. I know with gas and such it's hard to manage, but the invite is still there!


Anonymous said...

You know I appreciate the invite Buddy, and I'd be out there more often if stoopid things like "real life" weren't such a pain in the ass, lol. I've been working so much on freakin rules of all things Microlite20, that I haven't even come up with a solid adventure for it! Ack!


Buddy Richards said...

I feel like a lamer, because with all the work that conversion of The Drow War takes to go to 4th, I've let M20 fall to the wayside some. Still jotting down notes and junk, but nothing solid as of yet.

Anonymous said...

Check out the M20 forums when you get a chance and have a gander at the new conversions I've posted lately. :D

Drake said...

I'm also in the middle of convertin Drow War to 4e for my gaming group. We should compare notes!