Khardtha Kompendium, part 2.

The other day at the shop, Carl and I were discussing my upcoming 4E campaign and he asked how many dead characters I had. I thought it was odd that he brought that up, but he then mentioned it being a neat twist if, for 'elite' baddies, I used fallen characters. I thought this was an awesome idea. I keep the characters of people who die in games I play in as an odd quirk. I think it ties into my real fascination with death or something.

Anyway, the idea is good, and it would make my job a little easier to just flip through my folders and find a character at random to convert and then field against the PCs. The only question left, however, would be why these individuals would resemble old PCs (and NPCs) so closely, with the same mannerisms, etc.

This is what I came up with:
Having been created by a mortal, the world of Khardtha had no true ties to a divine power of creation. Even now, with the increased power of the gods, forming something so powerful as a soul is a task that requires a significant amount of power. Thus, instead of starting anew, the deities have channeled souls from other realities and reuse them, reincarnating the beings they once were and then reshaping the soul into other beings after it has passed again and come fully under their dominion, with no ties to their previous existances.

Not that this will ever become common knowledge, but it works for me, and it justifies something I'll be doing...or not doing, depending on where the game goes. And yes, I DO understand that I don't have to justify everything I do. Some things just 'happen,' but I think that's a unique twist and shows that the gods and Khard himself aren't the all-powerful beings that other campaign settings have.

I have some thoughts on Giants and Titans as well as Fey all coming up! Stay tuned! Same Bud Time! Same Bud Channel! (I hate being called Bud, but yeah...it works)

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Jade said...

I like the explanation. I often feel like I, at least, like to know how things tie together even if it isn't necessary for others to know.

Fascination with death. Buddy, Buddy, Buddy. I have no idea why I just typed your name 3 times. But yeah.

Same Bud time..same Bud channel? Oh my...and I thought I made people groan.

Well..I guess I have rambled on enough about absolutely nothing.

I am glad to see you are having a lot of fun with your gaming, though.