The Arcane College Update

A lot has happened since I last posted about this game, but we've still not dealt with all of the Inner Planes in our quest to "lock" them temporally from the machinations of Orcus, whom we found out is on his way to trying to take over the universe and remake it to suit him. He's weaseled deals with some planar beings and has almost guaranteed that the gods won't be involved, as far as we can tell.

Another guy named John has joined us, playing a Half-Gold Dragon/Half-Drow Wizard 4 (was 5, but he got Circle of Death'd on the Elemental Plane of Water. We've fought aspects of Orcus a few more times, and have been threatened with beings such as Concordant Killers and mirror doubles who have yet to strike. Of the Inner Planes, we only have Negative and Positive left, and I think that things are just going to get tougher.

Cast of Characters
Belaraphon Astral Deva 10 - Carl
Chobham Sohes (Human Cleric 11 of Nerull) - Tony
? (Human Fighter/Reaping Mauler) - Steve
Nelsie (Elf Rogue 5/Rogue) - John C
? (Half-Gold Dragon Drow Wizard 4) - John
Nastrond Esyllo (Sun Elf Beguiler 10) - Me

I'll be back to giving weekly updates starting next week, so look for those.

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