Eberron: Prophecy of Ascendence, Parts 49-52

When I left off the APs, our intrepid adventurers had come to the conclusion that this thing was alot bigger than they originally thought and that the main ritualistic happenings all centered around the major holidays of the months, and were going to culminate at the Nights of Long Shadow in Vult.

After resting up some, the party scattered to the four winds to do a bit of research on their own, which eventually led to a chance meeting with dark elf hailing from Xen'drik who came to the mainland searching for the meaning behind visions she had been having, and to the party teaming up with Allura (and her bodyguards) to gain a bit more knowledge. The party going back to Karnnath also led to them being the guest of the grand Baron Althom!

Deciding that the current happenings hadn't been averted, they pressed back into the Starpeaks to venture into the Desmodu city and put an end to this round of summonings or other nasty stuff. However, when they arrived, they found that the city was under siege by a group of ne'er do wells under the control of what they surmised to be a priest of Ashardalon and a half-red dragon warrior woman.

Dispatching this group of hold-outs, there then came onto the scene a large group of adventurer types led by no other than Dyson! Battle didn't take place, however, as the PCs had it on good authority that Dyson shared a goal with them, and also that the Cuckoo had great control over the events with Dyson's band before.

Through comparing notes, the two groups did, indeed, confirm that the summonings up to this point had all been "practice" rounds, of a sort, and that there was one other threat that Dyson and his band knew of that the PCs didn't...that Ashardalon's son Imperagon was building an army on the plane of Shavarath and were going to march on Eberron so that when Ashardalon ascended, the world would be ripe for his taking.

Needless to say, nobody really liked the sound of that. Even Dyson's mostly-evil troupe were very anti-Ashardalon, proving that baddies like living free, too.

And so it was that straws were drawn (Dyson volunteered the PCs) to see who would go to Shavarath to avert this whole military world-domination thing that seemed to be met by most members of the party with a very blasé attitude. This led the party to Sharn, the City of Towers.

Or the City of Shopping, as I think it should be called...

There, after some days kinda....living...the party (minus Carl's Death Knight, who was replaced by Allura), travelled into the bowels of the Cogs to find the undercity called Rigus, which held a gate to Shavarath, whereupon passage, they split up! As all good adventuring parties should. *nods*

The split led to them all having to regroup again and then make another foray into the plane, this time going directly to Imperagon's pad, since Lucky and Nas had successfully scouted it the previous trip. There, they had to face some gate guards, in the form of an advanced Iron Golem and 2 advanced Steel Predators, who all went down like bitches, then pressed inside, finding first a giant of some sort and his pet hydra, then, in another room, a chain devel and dust mephit who were torturing a lillend.

The mephit successfully fled after laying down a darkness affect, and upon being freed, the lillend was like "Ohai. I'z `portant" and the party were like "We'un care" and she was like "kthxbai" and then they pressed on, finding a door that nearly defeated Roark and a room with a nothing that hurt Nas.

Roark defeated the door only to find a wall of force behind it. The Artist formerly known as Murmur dispelled it and they went in to find a rakshasa on a rack along with some shinys. Lots of shinys. Almost everyone got some shinys and Lucky fireballed the room for good measure with an invisible Staff of Fire that he found. Hurty shiny!

This is where we left off, and yeah...not everything is in order in this post and it's REALLY condensed, but that's what happened. I do want to thank Taylor for sticking around and playing the past two weeks with us, that's been cool. Josh, we need Soh and Kitty to show up sometime!

This week, the group will be pushing deeper into Imperagon's Iron Fortress, and will likely finish out Lord of the Iron Fortress and move into Bastion of Broken Souls, the last adventure of the path. Good stuff.

Current Cast of Characters
Devin "Lucky" Nel, Male Cleric 5/Human Paragon 3/Fortune's Friend 5/Mythic Exemplar 4 - Paul
Druss Deathwalker (Murmur), Male Human (Formerly Warforged) Paladin 8/Exorcist of the Silver Flame 9 - David B.
Vacht Aernsland d'Orien, Male Human Wizard(Evoker) 10/Master Specialist 4 - Steve C.
Nas d'Thuranni, Male Elf Rogue 7/Nightsong Infiltrator 9 - Chris S.
Roark Grardrek, Male Human Fighter 16 - Taylor
Allura Fellhaven, Female Kalashtar Psion(Telepath) 16 - Carl
Xen`va Torkak, Female Drow Wizard 11 - Angela
Dann Da-Veto, Male Dwarf Fighter 12 - Kevin
Legions, Male Half-Orc Barbarian 12 - Mike

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