Dark Ho-Hum

So, as the time for the Dark Sun game approaches, it just seems like the enthusiasm and want to participate is running on low.

Attendance is low, attention to various other things seem to crop up during a time when character creation and realization should be happening, and there's just an overall "meh" attitude swimming around.

Perhaps it's just fatigue. I realize it's the holidays and such, but nobody is even talking about the game. Nobody is really discussing their characters or the whats/whys/hows of where they want their characters or story to go. This is highly unusual.

So, I'm gonna bring it up to the group on Tuesday. We're supposed to start then, but if there's a hitch, then it will just make the game lose some of its appeal. We just knocked back a year's worth of some D&D'n, so maybe we need a taste of something else for a short while to get back into gaming.

I dunno, we'll see. It's kinda frustrating/saddening.

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