While I'm around, and thinking about gaming, I thought I would ramble on about an idea I had a while back, which I had decided to name "Xalts," though I've forgotten why, other than it's an obvious take on the word "exalt."
As usual, this model uses my most familiar gaming vehicle, D&D v3.x, to accomplish its goals.

Here's what it consists of so far:
  • No change to races.
  • No change to class selection.
  • All characters are able to cast spells, at least to some degree.
  • Surges: At first level, and every level thereafter, a character gets one Spell-like Ability to use At-will, corresponding with spells a character of their level would be able to cast. These are activated as the spell chosen, and acts like the spell for the determination of duration or other variables, or may be activated as Swift actions, in which case the "Surge" only lasts one round.
For example, let's say we have a 1st level Fighter. This character could have either a 0 or 1st level spell chosen as a Spell-like Ability, which they can activate as (let's assume they have True Strike, a 1st level spell) a Standard action, in which case it acts as the spell, or they can use it as a Swift action and it would last one round, which True Strike does, anyway.

A 3rd level Fighter would, similarly, have Spell-like Abilities, but more. They would have access of up to three 0 or 1st level spells, or two of either and a 2nd level spell as Spell-like abilities.

The idea is really just a rough sketch, but I think it would be fun. I have NO idea, as of yet, what I would do with actual spellcasters, since the model isn't on the table for play yet, but I'll be hashing out something soon.

As far as story goes, there needs to be limits and such for Xalts, as they would (easily) outclass and command the populace, so perhaps there are laws against use of their powers outside of the bounds of structured combat or something? Perhaps a divine ban on such acts.

It's interesting enough for me, at least, but any comments are welcome.

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Jade said...

This does sound interesting and like it would be fun. I like the set-up albeit brief. You should run with this. :)

P.S. Nice flower bullet points. :P