You Might Notice...

...that the Facebook widget is gone.

Many of you, and perhaps all of you that read this, know by now that I pulled the plug on Greathammer Games.

My reasons for doing this were manifold, but when it boils down to it, the primary reason was that I dove into business at the wrong time. There are and were home matters that need to be addressed. I had emptied my savings before getting a job at the clinic, and after paying a few other bills, I didn't have the financial backing that I should have had before taking on the task. I had very little time to continuously keep my affairs in order, and many parts of my life were lacking due to how little time I actually had, not to mention what lack of sleep was doing to me.

I'm not usually one to open up about my personal life, but I think people have gotten the wrong impression about why the shop closed. Yes, money was tight, but ultimately, money wasn't the reason I closed the shop. The timing just wasn't right for me.

Does this mean that when things change, I'll jump back in? I can't answer that at the moment, because I don't see things changing for a long while, but I do know that everything is ok.

I want everyone to know that everything is ok, too. I'm not in debt up to my ears or dodging bill collectors. I'm able to meet my bills, and only had to pay some taxes after the closing. I don't want anyone to feel they have to say "Sorry," I guess. I don't know why you're sorry. Nothing is wrong. Sure, not having a game shop sucks. It's cool having that.

But...it's also cool that my game group still gets together on Tuesday and Wednesdays, and it's cool that Tony still runs his game on Sundays, and it's cool that we can head up to Mountain Home and see Chris and the gang up at Portal.

Gaming doesn't stop, so everything is ok.

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