A Pleasant Surprise

Yesterday, while catching up on The Alexandrian, on Justin's November 20th post about his Gamma World game, I was curious when first seeing the illustration of the Swarm Hound accompanying the post, since the art style was familiar to me, and then I was very happy to see that I had guessed right when reading the credits given: Joshua Diffey.

I was further pleased to see upon clicking through to the Earth Delta link given, that Josh had contributed the art for what is, practically, a full game, one which I know would be something he, as a gamer, would be behind.

If anyone reading this has followed my blog from the start, the "Josh" you see randomly in the comments is the same guy. I've known him for about a decade now, and consider him a friend. He's a great person, a great gamer, and a very talented artist.

I recommend for anyone reading to click through to Earth Delta, if for nothing else than the art. (Though if you're a fan of science fantasy and post-apocalyptic settings, a la Thundarr, then you'll likely appreciate the game, as well.) If you are impressed with his work, you might also want to check out the gaming company he helped found, Pwn! Productions, and check out his old webcomic, Yoda: Padawan Jedi.

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