Age of Worms, Session 20

This session started later than usual, but we got about as much accomplished as we would have otherwise, as the first quarter of our playtime was spent provisioning and preparing for our mission accompanying Alustan to the Free City of Greyhawk.

After some exposition from our patron and Dairon pledging to Mullins the aid of he and his master on the quest to give the knight purpose again. During this time, Messrs Smithe and Nightengale made a pact of service in the name of St. Cuthbert to rid the world of the taint that the worms hinted at, while Mullins repaid a debt to his uncle and he and his girlfriend, Rosebud, decided that she would stay behind to tend a property that had been bequeathed to the group. The faerie dragon, we couldn't get rid of if we tried, so no one did, proving the point by default.

There was little progress made, and on the first night, the group was set upon by a group (parliament? sleuth?) of owlbears searching for an easy meal. This proved to be fruitful for the two closest to our horses and they snatched their tasty treats and retreated back into the surrounding woods, but the other four (yes, Angela rolled 6 - the maximum possible encountered - on the charts) also wanted appetizers with their meals, so decided the smaller humanoids were a much better choice of first course.

The ensuing combat had many a scary moment, as the beasts are insanely good grapplers, but in the end the group narrowly prevailed, almost suffering the fate of our mounts, but defeating all four remaining owlbears and writing our horses off as a loss. Able, Mullins, Caine, and Cameron took copious amounts of damage, but timely healing and pluses granted by Dairon helped win the day (night).

The fight was a grueling one, but the suspense never dropped, and though it was long, was well played and kept momentum throughout. Since the fight took us past our usual quitting time, we stopped there for the night.

Also, it just now occurred to me that our patron, the mage Alustan, should have been with us when the owlbears attacked, but apparently nobody, even the DM, remembered that part. I'm not saying that he would have swung things too far in our favor since we are 4th-6th level, but an extra magic missle or something of the like would have helped quite a bit.
AND, I'm doubly at fault, as I overlooked a bonus that my bard should have been granting to the party. I blame that on not playing a 3.5 bard since 2007ish, though.

Cast of Characters
Cameron val Dane, Human Knight 6 - Me
Dairon val Eite, Human Bard 4 - Me (cohort)
Mullins, Gnome Rogue 3/Wizard 3 - Paul
Rosebud, Gnome Warmage 6 - Paul (secondary)
Able Nightengale, Human Healer 6 - David
Caine Smithe, Human Marshal 4 - David (cohort)
Katain, Pseudodragon Warlock 1 - Tami

 I think Mullins may have leveled up after this session, putting him at 7th, but I can't recall which class he took this time.


she_wolf_02 said...

Allustan asked the group to travel to the Free City of Greyhawk to speak to a friend of his: Eligos, who is a scholar in the Free City. Allustan himself was unable to leave Diamond Lake due to other commitments, but he hopes that Eligos can provide more insight with the materials that is being sent with the group for him to review.

she_wolf_02 said...

And yes, Mullins did level after this session. He has taken his first level in the Prestige Class that he created: The Mirror Master! :)

Buddy Richards said...

Right. I had completely forgotten he just sent us. I remembered the mission, the basics of it, anyway, but not that little fact.