Let's Meet My Fifth Character for The Age of Worms

And so, here we are again. As stated in my last post and the one before, I lost both my main character and my cohort in a near TPK in Angela's Age of Worms campaign. Able, the Healer, managed to escape and is putting together a new band to continue the quest to stop the coming "Age of Worms" that has been foretold, according to some madman prophet in the Free City.

And thus, I introduce Rill Meadowhisper, Halfling Druid of the Cairn Hills.
1. What do you look like?
Lithe and feral, with shaggy hair and darker, almost ashen, skin tone. Rill's eyes are a bright golden, much like a large cat's, and he might be handsome by halfling standards if it weren't for the constant snarl he seems to wear.
2. Where is your family, if any?
Rill's family resides in and around Elmshire, in the Cairn Hills, northeast of Diamond Lake, where they do trade in all manner of foodstuffs, doing the harvesting themselves.

3. For whom or what would you make sacrifices for?
The young halfling has developed a true love for Oerth and all the natural (be they good, evil, or otherwise) flora and fauna of the planet. These things are most important to him, and he would do anything to keep terrible things from befalling his planet.

4. What is your greatest regret?
Rill's only regret is not having more worldly experience than he already does. Even though he had progressed far in the Druidic ways, he has spent most of his time tending to the Cairn Hills, and would like to expand his reach to do more for Oerth.

5. What are your greatest dislikes?
Those who choose to stay complacent. Creatures who will not fight to protect what they hold dear, be they animals, people, etc.. Artificial forms of life, such as undead or constructs.

6. What topics or activities fascinate you?
Predators and predatory evolution fascinate , and he constantly strives to further his own shapeshifting abilities.

7. What habits do you possess?
Rill will constantly draw in the sand or flex specific parts of his body, watching intently to more fully understand muscle control. He also has an awkward habit of just walking away when he is done talking, or shifting forms and flying away.

8. What secrets do you harbor?
Though he has surpassed the shapeshifting abilities of his Circle and uses the ability with abandon, Rill feels ashamed and unnerved by the ability at times, wondering if he has become an aberrant piece of Oerth's natural puzzle.

9. Are you rational or passionate about your feelings?
Tempering one's emotions has been an important part of Rill's grasp of nature, yet he realizes that without passion, the civilized races cannot fully understand instinct, and more often gives in to passion than rational thought.

10. Are you superstitious or sophisticated beyond superstition?
The Druidic traditions are steeped in ancient superstitions, which Rill holds sacred, and would never abandon.

11. How strong is your faith in your patron deity?
The Circle that Rill was a part of primarily considered Beory, as the goddess of Oerth, their patron, but he holds close connections with Brekka, as a god of beasts, and Sheela Peryroyl as the goddess of nature among his people.

12. How self-confident are you?
Rill sees himself as approaching a crossroads that will lead to his being able to serve Oerth in a greater capacity. This gives him supreme confidence in the coming months, but this may be tested sooner than he expects.

13. What drives you to adventure?
 Rill has spent the years since his early childhood in the harsh, scrubby terrain of the Cairn Hills under the watchful tutelage of a Circle of Druids there dedicated to protecting Oerth from the depredations of all manner of unnatural beings. Hearing tell of a new zombie type in the region, and a band of locals that have traveled forth from Diamond Lake to find out more, he has followed the word of Allustan and traced the party to the Free City of Greyhawk. 

None of this has been put in front of Angela, but hopefully none of it is a stretch, and if so, it can be ignored, as I don't expect backstory to come into play much.

As an aside, I would like to point out that Angela now holds a record in my 17 year rpg gaming career with the death of Cameron. I have lost more characters in this campaign than I have in any other campaign. The previous run was 3, with a Savage Tide campaign that Paul ran.

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she_wolf_02 said...

And it's only my first run at being a DM! Yay! I broke the record! Lol. My dice don't like you. But you returned the favor tonight. ;)

In any case, everything here sounds fine. I actually like the idea of Allustan sending you to assist, as the group is supposed to be directed by Allustan and not Eligos, who is closer to the rest of the group at the moment. And if you are sent by Allustan, add 500 gp to your monies. It's what he paid the previous members for this trip.