Age of Worms, Session 24

This session saw us with David out of town on a business trip, so I subbed in with his character since mine had died the session previous. The game resumed with the remains of the party still locked in combat with unseen air elemental assailants.

The fight went slowly and granted neither side advantage, with terrible die rolls dictating much of the action early on. Then, everything went quiet. This is kinda when things went south. Mullins threw up a web that let us use it to help navigate the room, and he and Able made it through to the others with next to no problems, intending to recover the bodies of their friends, and were subsequently attacked. Dairon joined them a few moments later and began helping in the combat effort, but Caine was still trapped on the other side, caught fast in webs.

In short order, Dairon fell to the airy assailants, mercilessly killed before Mullins also fell, with the air creatures using alchemists fire from his pack to catch the webs and slow the progress of those close to or in the webs. Able got Mullins back up and they at first checked a room beyond, but found no egress beyond, then began to stand their ground. Caine fell next, unable to reach the others because of one of the creatures blocking the path and slipping into the spike-filled water below, being shredded to death.

Mullins and Able pulled back into the room they had found and suddenly, the gnome turned on the healer! Able cast Sanctuary and made his way out of the building as swiftly as he could and toward Eligos' manor, on the wings of the Celestial Aspect spell, failing to notice that another Mullins had come into the room and begun to fight, as well. That Mullins fell in battle shortly after.

Though I had no clue, Paul and Angela revealed that the Mullins that had been with us had been a doppelganger and apparently was in league with some of the bad guys we were facing or about to face. Treachery! I know many players who might get angry at this duplicitous gameplay and betrayal by a fellow gamer when they work with the DM, but I love it, and I've used it more than a few times, with even helping me out with it before. The guy plays it so naturally.

Though a majority of the party died, David confirmed via text that he would be willing to continue after we all agreed that it should be his call on if he would pursue the mission further, and so our Healer will be putting together a new team to rid Oerth of the horrible menace of the green worms.

I have no clue as to if Tami will be rejoining us, since she didn't show up this last session (I assume because she didn't have a character), but Paul said she had been thinking about a Thief-Acrobat type. Paul, himself, has begun construction of a Psion/Thrallherd, and I raised the level of a Druid I was going to bring in when I decided to bring Sagt in, instead. I assume David will also be working on a new cohort, since Caine bit the dust.

Dairon val Eite, Human Bard 5 - Me (cohort) (deceased)
Mullins, Gnome Rogue 3/Wizard 3/Mirror Master 1 - Paul (deceased)
Able Nightengale, Human Healer 7 - David
Caine Smithe, Human Marshal 5 - David (cohort) (deceased)

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