Dark Heresy, Session 4: Tattered Fates

And so, we had changed our minds, deciding to first search for our contact.

After hours of roaming these streets, asking where we might find a scholar, we were directed to an ill-kempt section of this city, likely forlorn because the drunkards and stimmheads that inhabit this hole care next to nothing for knowledge, or know that knowledge, itself, begets heresy, and rightfully steer clear of things such as tomes and dataslates that might fill their heads with dreamy thoughts. I begin to wonder, as I go over these thoughts if the whole of the population haven't already been accursed by these...books. There are great librariums here in this "Refutation" district, after all, which might implant all sorts of notions in one not steeled by His word.

Here, despite my reservations about these tomes and such, was indeed where we found our 'White Scholar', an ally in task and servant of our Inquisitor, as well. Here, he shared his knowledge of this damnable world and gave insight to the perils which we face; dread cults - perhaps beholden to the Ruinous Powers, Drusus spit on them - which had in the works, or in planning, a ritual of some sort that would destroy this world (or the system, I was unclear) if it came to fruition. He rambled on more, and I'm hoping I was not the only one trying to pay attention, as we were beset by some of these heretics, whom had been identified as members of a cult known as the Pilgrims of Hayte.

I quickly lost interest in the scholars words, and indeed, have mostly forgotten some of what the man said because I was given the opportunity to bring His judgment to those sworn against Him. Though they demanded the life of our fellow acolyte, our strikes were true, and though that damned Xantippa invoked the warp disastrously yet again, we won the day against our foes. I claimed the warp sorceror's armored vest and they were stripped of their weaponry before we began to ask the Scholar where we might find a place to fence our ill-gotten goods.

Cast of Characters
Rhia, Gunpoint (Hive World) Investigator (Arbiter 4) - Angela
Xantippa Thebe, Son of Nightmare (Void Born) ?? (Imperial Psyker 4) -  Paul
Ishta, Son of Nightmare (Void Born) ?? (Imperial Psyker 4) -Tami
Nicodemus, Regulus (Imperial World) Inditor (Adept 4) -Taylor
Mohrdecai, Cadian (Fortress World) Sergeant (Guardsman 4) - Me

Notes: Wednesday night was just incredibly fun and funny. We mostly just talked and had a good time more than playing. Passed around some hot sauces that were among some of the hottest I've had, especially the stuff David had gotten when on vacation, and ate a heap of candy.

We were originally supposed to play Paul's game, having skipped last week, which would have been Dark Heresy, but Paul and David decided that David would run his game...and they both forgot to share that with the rest of us. Next week is anyone's guess, as Paul said that once he started scripting his game, it only came to about one more session. Perhaps he will expand or run as-is, and maybe we'll be back on Quaddis.