My Reincarnation Table

A few weeks ago, The Digital Orc (go read his blog, it's good) asked me in a comment for the table I use (and have shared with my current group and others in the past) when a character has Reincarnate cast on them. It took me longer than anticipated, but I've finally gotten the chance to clean it up and here it is!

Now, don't let that make you think that it will look pretty. Far from it. I make sloppy notes for my games, with little regard for layout, and at best, this is just functional. The file is in Word .doc format, but I can post it in something else if people have any problems with it.

I don't think, given my usual blogging fare, that I should post a disclaimer saying that this list is taken entirely from 3.x sources. This is simply because that's what my group plays, and honestly, if you are playing any version of D&D, or retroclones thereof, it's my personal opinion that you do yourself a disservice by not mining other editions for content. I do it all the time with my personal games, but I digress.

Anyway, some might point out I didn't include races from X book, or updated to Pathfinder, or whatever. Yes, I know this. This chart was crafted specifically for two games I ran in the past, and I still like and use it. I'm sorry if your favorite race didn't make the list. There are, I think, 92 separate roll results on the primary chart alone. That's enough to last you a bit.

Some might also say that I maybe should have skewed more toward the base/classic races of D&D, but they do get a small bump on the chart, and I really just like options. I like gonzo stuff in my games, I like crunchy characters with options, and I also like roleplay situations built upon becoming something that perhaps noone in this part of the world has seen before.

I could certainly improve the thing, I'm sure, but my group and I get heaps of enjoyment out of it. You can improve it, if you would like. If you play older editions, I hope you at least look into some of the monsters, and maybe even do some conversions, if they don't exist in your rules. I would be incredibly interested in seeing stuff like that.

As always, please comment if you have any questions, suggestions, etc.. I look forward to it.


Digital Orc said...

awesome, thanks!

Buddy Richards said...

Hey, thank you!

I'm always happy to share, but you gave me the incentive to clean it up some, which has been on my to-do list for a while.

I know 3.x isn't your particular cup of tea, but maybe you can use it somehow, or pass it on to someone you know who might be interested.