The Defenders, Vol. 2, Issue 18 - Robo-A-Go-Go!

Facing the White King at last!
After preparations, the band is flung into the main hangar area, in the upper gantries. Across the huge chamber, also on the gantries, stand what for all purposes is a team of villains to our heroes: the White King, Trevor Fitzroy, Lady Deathstrike, Feral, and Pretty Boy. Among the group is also the baseline engineer Bolivar Trask, who is just as much an enemy in the group's eyes as the Extranormals.

Behold, Master Mold!
Below them, on the floor of the hangar are some of the Sentinels like the group had faced before, a few of a model much larger, but similar in build, and one enormous Sentinel, seated on a throne it seemed to be built into, and that was apparently making more of the two smaller types!

The band caught the others by surprise with their sudden appearance, and Bennet was the first to act, taking the opportunity to discharge a bolt of electricity, frying the White King where he stood. Fitzroy and Trask both fell within seconds to other attacks and battle was fully commenced. Pretty Boy fell a moment later.

Within a few more moments, giants had rushed into the rooml; backup promised from Uxas to aid in taking down the general defenses of Sentinel Tower. These warriors engaged the Sentinels while the band engaged further with the enemy Extranormals. A few more seconds and Connar lay dead to the ferocious assault of Feral, but not before slamming the beastial Shifter through the gantry she had been on.

"But she's a heroine!" Feh!

The fight was now on the hangar floor, except for Jean and Bennet, who used their psionics to do what they could from above. Kitty dropped through the floor and was lost for the rest of the time. Kurt engaged in melee with Lady Deathstrike and, when she was vanquished, went forth to deal with the giant Sentinel, knowing that this is where he would find Dr. Pym's component.

On the brink of destruction, the giant Sentinel stands, ripping itself from its throne, and blasts a hole in the floor. Kurt, seeing that it has now created a hole in its body, teleports in when he sees a piercing light. Jean, at this time, having pushed herself to her limits, slips out of control and the Phoenix rises. Bennet, seeing this for the first time, and having a little knowledge of it, decides to preserve his own life (since he's standing adjacent to Jean when this happens), and teleports to Queen Aurala's War Room, in Aundair.

Kurt uncouples the component and the mobile creation forge totters forward, crashing down through the hole it had created in the floor, taking the fallen, as well as some living giants, and a large portion of the floor, with it. The Tiefling takes stock of his surroundings, having saved himself from the fall, notices that Jean is still alive, though barely - the Phoenix force having guttered out just a moment before - and starts hopping across Scion's Sound with her, healing her after getting into Thrane.

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