The Defenders, Vol. 2, Issue 19 - Reunion and Mourning

We find our heroes, at the start of this issue, scattered during and after the battle with at Sentinel Tower. Kurt and Jean lay low until they get fully healed, using guile and acting as fishers whose boat had capsized in the Sound.

Kitty had made her way as well as she could to land and was using all her wits and strength to make it out of Karrnath alive, headed to the safety of Aundair, where Bennet was already entreating his allies to aid him as quickly as possible to gather the fallen at Sentinel Tower, using the amount of tech and items that could be recovered as negotiating incentive. Aurala jumps at the chance and agrees, sending some of her most powerful mages to aid Bennet in the retrieval mission.

After Bennet gets Connar back to the land of the living, the rest of the party begins to trickle in, all having had the same idea of getting to the closest area of safety. The group then does some more investigation into the Destiny Arms and then decides to venture into the Mournland, when they are prompted by a weak telepathic message from Magnus about being held captive along the Cyran coast.

Not many people were around for this session, so we left off there.

Next Issue: A Castle Most Perilous!

Wow, so...time flies. It's been exactly 5 months since I posted anything, but I'm back for a few, anyway. Blogging just hasn't been what I have wanted to do at the end of the day, but it feels good to sit down and hammer out a post.
There's been some really good gaming happening, and I'll hopefully tell you about it soon enough. The Defenders game at the session in this post, started to wrap up. Seven more sessions later, we would play out the end of the campaign. Keep reading!

Edit: Remembered an important bit and slipped it in.

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