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I wonder, sometimes, what people who just run across this here gameblog think about what I say. The synopses I post aren't really the focus of this, but I love sharing the fun I have. No, what I mean are my rants on function and form of games and setting.
While it's true that the blog swings almost entirely in the direction of 3.5 D&D, that's simply because it's what games I'm in on. I've had experience with plenty of other rpg systems, and game types, in general.
The reason this came to me is because I read various other gaming blogs and message boards and I contribute my opinion often enough on some of those, but when it comes down to it, I don't know if I'm like any other gamers who tend to slap their opinions out there. Sure, I can go with games as art, gaming theory, or any other topic handed to me, but at the core of it all, I know I really just don't care enough about all that.
I'm a gamer who loves games and loves to game. Hand me any game and I'll give it a try or seven. I just love the hobby, and I feel at ease when gaming. I don't have to care about how I'm so much better a gamer because I'm playing X rather than Y or because I understand the multitudes of theory about playing, game mastering, strategy, or more esoteric topics. I'm with my pals and we're having a blast.
Is there really any more to say other than "If you're having fun, that's what counts?"
It's not that I'm calling anyone out on their opinions, this is definitely just a rant. When the philosophy behind the game style becomes more important than the actual game, that's when I pack it in and find a greener game table.
I think I'm done...there's just so much one person can read like that in a few days.

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Anonymous said...

I hear ya brother. Gaming is fuel for the imagination. World building, art, and plot/character development are the life blood of gaming and being able to share it with your friends for an evening of social interaction and good times is the true reward.

Sorry I haven't made it out lately, but the cost of gas has been keeping me to the necessities like work and the grocery store and of course the thieving gas station. I'll try and make it out next week.

-Josh D