Eberron: Prophecy of Ascendence, Part 30

Tuesday's game started off with the cadre of adventurers regrouping and doing their favorite activity: Bringing a fallen party member back with Reincarnate!

After we all laughed at Chris' Elf being "reborn" as a Halfling, the group decided to get down to business and retrace their steps to further their mission against Allura's father, the vile Gulthias.

This jaunt deep into the caverns below Nightfang Spire brought the party into a crypt area with oddly undisturbed sarcophagi, which the group opted not to mess with, lest they possibly incur the wrath of more spectres, which they've all gained a fair deal of respect for.

Moving beyond the undisturbed crypts, they party came into a room, partially of my manufacture (to introduce new party members) which held the bodies of 15 men and women of various races, including a few warforged, that had been placed into temporal stasis by some undetectable effect, which was discerned by some of the more knowledgable party members (Namely Vacht and his 30+ spellcraft/knowledge [arcana] rolls.)

After disarming a trap within the room and retrieving what turned out to be part of a key to a door they encountered later, the group revived the fallen stasis people and found out that some of them had been down in the vaults of the Spire for hundreds of years, just as much to the surprise of those who had been in stasis as those who found them. Most of those who had been in the room when the PCs discovered it decided to venture out of the tower together, with directions given by Mac and Lucky. Three of those freed from the magic (not including the 2 new PCs) decided to stay on to aid the party til they completed their mission at the location.

The before-mentioned locked door became the major obstacle to overcome and having only 2 pieces of the key, one gained from an NPC that joined the group, they decided to do a little poking around to see if they could locate the other 2 pieces.

We left off after a pretty exciting battle with some spectres and morhgs over a sea of zombies and skeletons, and Lucky had just obtained the 3rd piece of the key. Next week, I assume they'll go after part 4 and enter the sealed area beyond the lock.

Cast of Characters
Allura Fellhaven, Female Kalashtar Psion(Telepath) 10 - Carl
Devin "Lucky" Nel, Male Cleric 5/Human Paragon 3/Fortune's Friend 3 - Paul
Guy Veir "Mac" d'Cannith, Male Human Artificer 8/Renegade Mastermaker 3 - Taylor
Cade Twistvine, Male Hagspawn (formerly Halfling) Rogue 4/Cleric 1/Skullclan Hunter 5 - Josh M.
Murmur, Male Personality Warforged Paladin 8/Exorcist of the Silver Flame 3 - David B.
Revantor, Male Personality Fighter 4/Warblade 4 - Jeremy
Talin Shiri, Female Elf Ranger 3/Warblade 2/Revenant Blade 4 - Chris
Vacht Aernsland d'Orien, Male Human Wizard(Evoker) 11 - Steve C.
Randy Lingso, Male Half-Elf Monk 1/Druid 5/Master of Many Forms 2 - David S.

By the by, I put the list up for the group to decide what game will be next and Dark Sun 3.5: The Affairs of Dragons was voted in. Some would have liked to have seen a non-D&D game, but a game's a game and majority rules.

On a related note, I'm going to update the list and likely repost it soon.

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