Monday's Dark Heresy (My Game)

So, Monday we trudged through another session of my Dark Heresy game, the group doing very little except working on leads as to the cases of suspected smuggling through the world that their on's food supply stations and the handling of xenos artefacts by a Sister of Battle.

Honestly, I'm being incredibly flowery in my description of how well the game went with the word "trudged." I don't know if it's me, or the game, or what, but it just seems like it's near impossible for us to get focused on Mondays and make the game happen. While it is true that the game progresses every week, the fact remains that it just seems to crawl along and has nowhere near the focus of the other games during the week.

I've asked some of the guys if it's my GM style or if there's anything that can be done to improve the game to make it more enjoyable, but the feedback always seems to be positive, but personally, I've been wondering if perhaps Dark Heresy just isn't my game.

I've got some great ideas for the game, and I've solidified the current plot more so that maybe things will run a bit more smoothly, but I don't know if it will help.

Getting started would definitely be a boon, as it's usually fairly late when we get to the table, but the focus just needs to be a little tighter. I guess time will tell.

Cast of Characters
Akarian, Male Forge Worlder Tech-Priest - Taylor
Jorn, Male Voidborn Arbitrator - Josh H.
M'koll, Male Feral Worlder Assassin of the Vindicare Temple - David B.
Sadis, Male Hive Worlder Scum - Steve C.
Barl-Tok, Male Feral Worlder Guardsman - David H.

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