Behind Again! Woo! Go me!

Seems I fall behind at this here blog quite often lately, and I say I'll get it going again, but this time I do mean it. I've just been too lazy, really. No other real reason to not post.

As far as games go, not much has been missed, really, since I last posted. The only game that's really continued on has been Tuesday night's Eberron. Monday's Dark Heresy games are both on hiatus and Wednesday's games have kinda been washed out due to lack of attendance. I know last week, nothing happened on Wednesday because only three people were there.

Tonight, I'll not be attending Wednesday again, because I'm just not feeling well. I've pretty much dropped out of Thursdays, as well, because I got to feeling like I had too much gaming on my plate, and again, I'm in one of my "Eh" phases with Magic, so Fridays and Saturdays aren't usually times I'm around the shop. Sundays (and weekends as a whole) are hard for me to pull off due to family obligations.

Here's the schedule of games as far as I know:
Monday: Dark Heresy (Mine's on hiatus, David just dropped his.)
Tuesday: Eberron 3.5 D&D DM's by yours truly
Wednesday: The Savage Tide 3.5(DM'd by Paul)/The Red Hand of Doom 3.5 (DM'd by Steve)
Thursday: Wild West Werewolf (Ran by George)/Forgotten Realms 4E soon? (Ran by John C)
Friday: Magic Tourneys at night
Saturday: Magic Tourneys at night
Sundays: The Night Below 4E (DM'd by Tony, and from what I hear, an awesome conversion from the 2E original)

I have a character for both Thursday and Sunday, and once things level out some for me, I hope to rejoin Werewolf and hop in Tony's game, and possibly bring back my Drow War campaign on alternating Sundays.

There's just too much on my mind lately to enjoy gaming like I normally would.

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Jyde said...

Yeah, some of us wish you wouldn't be behind, for some odd reason the only way I can game now is vicariously though you guys and I needs me some info.