Monday Is For Warhammer!

So, yesterday was very Warhammery, indeed...
When I showed up to the shop, I was surprised with a call from CJ saying that he was on his way so that we could have our match. A couple of things about the match caught me off guard, the least of which being that we had scheduled a Tuesday match, so it was last-minute as far as mindset for me. I'm one of those weird gamers who has to have their mind in it. I'm not all "Game for gaming's sake!" I'm not an ork, sheesh.

Anyway, the match went...not at all as well as I had hoped and we ended in a draw, but later found that some rules overlooks kinda screwed me, so we'll be rematching on Friday. I was hoping we could do the rematch today (Tuesday,) because that would put us inside another campaign week. I've not been attacked, though, so eh. So yeah...my Vampire Counts held their own against the Empire of Man at a HUGE disadvantage due to the rule flub, so I'm not totally bummed.

Then came Dark Heresy, and a little bit of an anticlimactic end to what could have been a very hands-on and exciting story arc. As mentioned previously, the group was given the task of taking down a small battle cruiser called The Merry Elizabeth as she made her way to dock on Scintilla with the Gunmetallicus 111th Imperial Guard regiment.

The whole thing had been a conundrum and the game had really slowed while everyone racked their brains on how to "assassinate" the ship, a planning endeavor that lasted 3 whole game sessions. Last night, however, they decided that Taylor's character, Akarian, would be the trigger man, in a sense, as their plan of attack hinged on his ability to hack into Imperial Navy systems and create an error just big enough to cause a chain reaction amongst a Lightning (fighter jet) squadron and compromise the integrity of the Naval vessel.

...and in the end a fate point was burned to succeed.

Likely not the way the players wanted, and a little bit of an "eh" moment for me, as well. Looking back on it, maybe I should have called for an extended roll, instead of a one shot roll. It's too late to go back now, anyway, and in the end, I think everyone is kinda happy to have that behind them. Hesdus is now taking them to a yet-to-be-named Shrine World for unknown reasons, and you can bet that more chances for quashing of heresy are just around the corner!

Saying that the Dark Heresy game hinged on Taylor is a little unfair, as was the course of the adventure, since it was Patrick who made the roll, because Taylor had to leave the table and go upstairs close to the end of the session for a Warhammer match against John, defending one of his territories against the depravations of the Daemons of Chaos with his Gobbos. I don't know too much about the match, because I saw very little of it, but it ended with John taking a Minor Victory. From what I did see, though, Goblin Fanatics are fucking crazy cheaty bullshit. YeY that!

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I still think we should have went with my SM idea.