A Few More Things on My Current Game...

A few things popped into my mind as I was reading back over my two previous posts, and I thought I might as well hit them real quick in a post, as well.

First is something that happened last session. A slight misunderstanding that could have ended much worse than it did.

When the Bog Giants began their attack by hurling stones, it was communicated to me that everyone began paddling their rafts "towards shore." Those are the words that were told to me repeatedly, not "towards the opposite shore," simply towards shore.

Since this was first communicated to me by Taylor, I assumed "towards the fight," because that's normally how he plays Borash. When David and Steve both gave me similar calls on their rafts, I also assumed that the party was going to try to rout this small group of giants. Things didn't quite work out that way...

There wasn't a tpk or anything, but I still wonder why, after the fact, everyone seemed somewhat harsh about the judgement call. They still had opportunity to run away, obviously, and they didn't stand and fight longer than they knew they could, so I really don't know what to say.

I made the joking comment that if things are left vague, I will rule in my favor. That isn't true, but I will rule in what way I feel best encompasses what the party would do. I don't feel I unnecessarily placed the characters at risk in context of that judgement. That's why being concise pays off in D&D.

Anyway, it seemed to make some people grumpy. I felt I made the right call given the information I was given.

Also, I wanted to mention that the "Keep" has a name, but almost no one who lives in or travels to the area uses it, instead calling the place "The Falls" or "Bugbear Falls" after a nearby landmark, a waterfall - surprise, surprise!

Soon, I'll be talking about house rules I use/plan to adopt in the Wilderlands campaign, some of the reasons I've decided to put options on the chopping block, the restrictions of magic item bloat, as well as talking some about Taylor's ongoing homebrew in which I play, and possibly some non-D&D stuff. Who knows!

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