Trials and Tribulations in Thygamus..or is it Lyoophiath?

Thygamus and Lyoophiath, for those who are wondering, are provinces of the City State of the World Emperor, or Viridistan in the Wilderlands.

For the campaign I'm currently running, I've borrowed a section in the NE of map 4, starting in the NE of my own map (hex 4101) with the unnamed keep on the Wilderlands map and stretching west to Iso Lake, then down as far south as Rappin Athuk in the SW corner of my map.

That unnamed keep became, of course (if you've been keeping up,) THE keep, from B2, Keep on the Borderlands, with the Caves of Chaos being situated at hex 4201 for those keeping score at home.

The game started, as I've mentioned, as something to pass the time when we didn't have a regular game go through. Something that could be played fast, with minimal work to make characters (everyone at 1st.) Everyone that has played has had a blast, and the game is truly one I look forward to every week, which is sometimes hard for a DM to say, as there are so few hours in the day, it seems.

The initial forays into the Caves were fairly disastrous for the party, and more than a few return trips to the keep and more expeditions wrought with death and maiming brought about an end to those journeys and a new undertaking after having won the respect and, dare I say, friendship of the gnoll tribe inhabiting the caves.

Now, the party is traipsing through a swamp I positioned in a delta between Hyyap and Kevala, just south of the keep, having first gone directly through with some gnolls to deliver an honored tribe member to an abandoned temple that they have used as a tomb for generations.

On their way there, they encountered another adventuring group headed by a Human* Cleric of an ancient god named Tharizdun, who he claimed to be a god of darkness. This priest, along with an Elf Knight, Human Fighter, Human Rogue**, Human Marshal, and a Bugbear Alchemist***, then joined with the group after deciding they were going to the same location.

A few losses, a close brush with some giants, and a nasty fight with lizardfolk and a khumat slowed the party's approach and when they reached the base of the temple and saw a whole lizardfolk village at the base, plus the added danger of khumat and a giant spotted going out of the temple and through the reptilians unmolested, a new plan was devised...to bulk their numbers more with sellswords and take the place by force.

Having done a good job resupplying in Hyyap and hiring along more mercs, plus recruiting some orcs who are eager for coin and violence, they headed back into the swamp. Their small flatboats came under attack about midway to their destination when spotted by some lamprey-mouthed bog giants, who quickly began hurling stones. The group, some 24 strong at this point, rushed to shore, and after killing one giant and badly injuring another, made fast their escape with only minor losses.

Here we left off, with the party scattered in many directions, in some cases beat to all hell, but still intact, for the most part...

* This having been changed from Changeling once I dropped the race from my game.
** This character is actually Chris S.'s character, who though originally sided with the other party was paid for services by Paul's character.
*** I've been tossing around the idea of dropping the Alchemist class. It has cool features and abilities, but I sometimes feel that it's a bit "light" for my tastes. If I do so, this character will become a Warlock.

By the by, if anyone out there has a good map of Viridistan that shows provincial divisions and can clarify for me exactly where my game takes place, that would be cool. It's possible I have one. I have heaps of Judge's Guild stuff, it's just sorting through it all to find what I want is fairly daunting. I'm making progress, though!

Current Cast of Characters
Chas DeLong, Male Human Fighter 4 - David B.
Jadazh Gr'tea, Male Human Duskblade 4 - Steve C.
Borash, Male Half-Orc Cleric of Gorum 4 - Taylor
Etune Yamara, Female Halfling Monk 4 - Angela
Seyji Upsul, Male Human Cleric of Tharizdun 9 - NPC
"Union", Female Human Marshal 5 - NPC
Gexzrit, Male Bugbear Alchemist 4 - NPC
Brakish, Male Gnoll Fighter 1 - NPC
Grahyip, Male Gnoll Fighter 4 - NPC
3 x Gnoll Warrior 1 - David B. controlled
4 x Human Warrior 1 - Steve C. controlled
6 x Orc Warrior 1 - Taylor controlled

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