Giving Steve A Fair Shake

Sounds dirty!

I wanted to touch on something else that happened last Wilderlands session, where I think there was a bit more miscommunication, and it was all on my end, and I wanted to clear it up and apologize to Steve openly.

During the exchange with the Bog Giants, Steve declared that one of his hirelings was going to try to get the monster's attention so his comrades could get away, and sacrifice himself in the process. I didn't have a problem with that...the noble self-sacrifice of a person so that the many may live is just good storytelling.

The thing I did have issue with is that Steve picked the poor schmuck that was unlucky enough to have 2 starting hp. True, this guy's down for the count in one hit from most things, but Steve chose the guy simply for his hp total, and could give me no other reason...then in frustration rolled randomly and got the dude with the highest, who subsequently did die.

I didn't want to force Steve to choose another hireling, I wanted to force a roleplay reason for the puny guy to be chosen, not a gamist reason. This was selfish of me, I admit, but I'm trying to also teach better roleplay through actions.

The way I was looking at it, Steve could have said "this guy does it because he feels he's the weakest," or "the other hirelings plead with him, knowing that he'll eventually slow them down at times, anyway," or even "I order him to stand his ground to make good the escape of the others." Jadazh is a staunch follower of Asmodeus, after all, and part of the wording of his hireling's agreement is "until the end of our lives," with no clause explaining HOW they have to die.

That's all I wanted in the game. Didn't mean for it to become a "deal," though...in hindsight, I was saying the wrong things to make my point. So, sorry Steve! Now you know what I meant.

Have a great night, everyone.

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