Rise of the Runelords, Sessions 1-5: Burnt Offerings

As mentioned previously in my Morale System posts, I've put my Wilderlands game on hiatus and have started a Pathfinder game using the first Adventure Path published for that line.

Angela, David, Paul and I got together on September 19th to make characters for the Rise of the Runelords adventure path. Since there are only three players, I allowed them a bonus feat (chosen from the RotR Player's Guide), two traits, and 200 gp to start. Using my standard method of rolling (4d6, 7 times, no rerolls, four 1's is a four, four 6's is a 19), everyone quickly put together their characters and we were able to resolve the first three encounters before we called it a night.

This, I thought, was really amazing, and it shows the fine level of my group that everyone can have their character made, go through a text-heavy intro with role-play, and resolve three combat encounters with more rp in between all in the span of about 4 and a half hours. This has been a recurring theme, as well, as the group has really made strides in the game, not allowing lulls, even in downtime.

After the Swallowtail Festival opened the game, and helping to quash an attack on their hometown of Sandpoint by goblins, they were invited to meet with a visiting noble named Aldern Foxglove to obtain a reward for his rescue. The reward took the form of a hunting invite and the gift of horses and lances to perform the hunt with, as well as a shared meal with Aldern at the Rusty Dragon.

The PCs quickly inserted themselves into the action by taking up tasks with Father Zantus and Sheriff Hemlock, providing further aid by trying to help a woman whose son had been assaulted by a goblin, though she lost her husband in the ordeal. The group also cleared a small group of goblins from Junk Beach, where the town tosses their garbage.

So far, their duties as deputies of the town have also led them to investigate a large underground ruin beneath the Glassworks (after finding that a local noble of the family that owned the factory was in league with the goblins and had slain his father and kidnapped his sister), where they encountered strange warped humanoids known as 'wrath spawn," according to the local sage, as well as a quasit, whom they detained since they didn't have the ability to inflict harm upon her.

After finding evidence of conspiracy between the detained noble (one Tsuto Kaijitsu) and the Thistletop goblin tribe, the PCs were led to travel north to curtail further attacks by goblins by cutting off their route to the mainland after an assault that dwindled some of the number of the goblin forces by a score, almost.

After their trip to Thistletop, the group came back and took on a task issued by the Headmaster of the local academy, but have yet to return from that trip.

Thoughts: I'm really liking this! The party has cultivated good relations with various NPCs that have led to them knowing a bit more than they should at this point, but it is a deserved reward for smart playing. In addition, the PCs have begun to form strong bonds to the community and have had many good roleplaying encounters (like Walt and Shayliss Vender's budding romance) that have solidified this as a game I won't soon forget.

This campaign is shaping up to be really fun and I will try to keep up with the games as they happen from now on, so that I'm not just giving broad brushstrokes like today's post in the future.

I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!

Cast of Characters
Walt Thrune, Human Cleric 4 (Merciful Healer) of Sarenrae - Paul
Rissi, Ratfolk Alchemist 4 - Angela
Vic Alvaraz, Human Fighter (Mobile Fighter) 4 - David

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