Rise of the Runelords, Session 6: Burnt Offerings

Last night, we rejoined the group as they returned from Shank's Wood with Ilsoari's spyglass, as well as some other nifty trinkets, in hand. Upon returning the spyglass, Ilsoari granted them their promised reward, three vouchers from the General Store for 100 gp each!

With their new writs of credit, they headed out, gathering for a short time at the cathedral so that Rissi could identify the items they had obtained, and separating the goods among themselves and designating those they would like to sell. Once this was hashed out, the three went their separate ways, agreeing to meet in the morning.

The next day, the group converged and decided they would try their luck selling things deemed unnecessary/unwanted to Vorvashali at The Feathered Serpent. Rissi took her writ to the General Store, but the boys stayed to deal with Voon, and the eccentric wizard offered them a fair price for their items, but they ended up trading a few things, as well as Walt and Vic's General Store vouchers, for Walt a new shield.

After running a few errands, the guys saw a plume of smoke at the north side of town and immediately made their way toward it to discover that The Way North (a map and atlas shop) and an adjacent house was on fire! Racing to the scene, the two were accosted in the street by a bugbear and a few goblins, which they defeated fairly handily, though Vic had taken a few good licks from the goblinoids. Others, including a few spellcasters, showed up shortly and were able to successfully combat the fires by conjuring water.

When Rissi was leaving the General Store, she also heard news of passing, panicking townsfolk of the fire in the north of town and began to rush to the scene, to be accosted by goblins of her own, one of which caused a grievous wound to her shoulder with an arrow, but the clever alchemist put her foes down with powerful bombs.

Walt and Vic had taken the bugbear captive, and Vic was taking him to the garrison when he encountered Rissi, who decided to venture further to catch up with Walt, to gain healing for her shoulder and aid how she could in the fire relief.

Vic, however, came upon an alarming scene as he approached the garrison. The heavy reinforced door was wide open and the guard posted just inside was asleep, only being roused by vigorously shaking him. Vic ran toward the goal, to find the jailor, Vachedi, also asleep and in danger, with a dog-sized spider creeping toward him and two goblins capering around the room. Vic immediately engaged the goblins and was able to put them down quick and to kill the spider before it did too much harm, though it had gotten a bite in on Vachedi first.

Vic alerted the rest of the garrison, which was unaware of what had transpired in the gaol, and the attendant guards (though few they are) jumped to action, searching for Tsuto Kaijitsu (a local forsaken noble that had banded with someone who was apparently a demoness) and Erylium (a quasit in league with Tsuto and his compatriots somehow), prisoners the party had taken earlier, who had seemed to escape! Clerks were also sent as runners to alert the Mayor and to gather Walt, Rissi, and others of import who might be of help/needed to be informed.

After the situation had gotten under control and circumstances and knowledge considered, the party resolved to immediately depart for Thistletop, a goblin compound on an island a couple hours to the north, where they knew that Tsuto's demoness was mustering goblins and others for the destruction of Sandpoint (this according to Tsuto's journal). Upon arrival, the party saw that a boat that they had spotted earlier was no longer moored to the island, and thatthe goblins had painted lewd and humiliating cariactures of the group running away in parody of their departure from the site on their previous venture. The most important thing, though, was that the rope bridge they had cut on a previous venture was still down, though they fixed it with their Rope of Knots (basically a cooler rope of climbing).

When we cut for the night, the party was about to venture onto Thistletop!

Cast of Characters
Walt Thrune, Chelaxian Human Cleric 4 (Merciful Healer) of Sarenrae - Paul
Rissi, Ratfolk Alchemist 4 - Angela
Vic Alvaraz, Varisian Human Fighter (Mobile Fighter) 4 - David

Notes: The jaunt to Shank's Wood that they were returning from at the start of the session was a combination of the side-treks from Pathfinder comics #1 and #3. I've been enhancing the adventure path with more content here and there because, even though there are only three of them, the party has been lagging slightly in experience and in gear. This gives me a chance to not only establish the setting more, and so far set up some great roleplaying opportunities, but to fairly tightly control the PCs' advancement without trying to shoehorn content into awkward places only presented in the published adventures.

Also, it was really neat seeing the reactions of the group when they encountered the fire and the attack on the garrison. There was anger and worry conveyed when I hurt "their town", and the roleplay was really nice. I can't wait for them to storm Thistletop.

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