Age of Worms, Session 17

Though we hadn't met the previous week for my game (due to a freak snowstorm), we convened on Wednesday to continue with Angela's Age of Worms campaign, with a special guest: Steve! He and his girlfriend were in from Oklahoma to do holiday visits, and he was able to make time to join us, which was nice, since he was a long-time friend and fellow gamer.

When we picked up, Steve brought in his Divine Mind (whose name I can't recall currently) who had been off having his own adventures and by happenstance had been in Diamond Lake and heard we were off on another trek, this time escorting Allustan to Blackwall Keep - a outpost on the edge of the Mistmarsh; one in a series built to help keep the threats of the swamp at bay.

Our travels there were only shortly delayed by the inconvenience of orc brigands who thought us pushovers. Within seconds, they found the folly of their actions and two of the original ten made it away with their lives. The rest were dealt with mercilessly, as is our way, and then we continued on, stopping to take refuge in a wayhouse overnight before making our way to the Keep.

Once we arrived, we found Blackwall under siege by a host of lizardfolk, and we sprung into action to aid the defenders. Convincing Allustan to toss a fireball into a small group of the brutes to create confusion, Sagt and the Divine Mind charged in and fell two foes immediately, with Rosebud and Mullins following that lead and pressing the attack, with Able invisibly staying in reserve to heal any of our party that may be injured and Allustan teleporting back to Diamond Lake to gain reinforcements.

The battle was pitched and lasted a couple of minutes, but our heroes made it finally to the keep and defeated the last of the attackers, but not before they had made their way in and began to slaughter the men defending the place. Not a single lizardman was left alive, but we only managed to save five of the brave defenders, who then proceeded to tell us that the princess was in another castle! Wait, no...wrong game...

A small group of Blackwall's standing troops, as well as their battle-caster, were feared to have been taken by the lizardfolk, as they hadn't returned from patrol, and the reptilians were fond of the taste of people, or at least Sagt assumed, since people are, indeed, tasty...as are lizardfolk, and demons, and chickens, and horses, and well, most things.

Mullins pledged our support to the rescue mission and gathered Able, Rosebud, and Sagt to venture into the swamp to save the brave souls of Blackwall! Our psionic companion decided to stay behind at the keep as we went forth (since Steve had to leave at this point) to help man the place until Allustan arrived with help, and the other four trekked off into the muck.

Not far into the swamp, a clutch of giant spiders, each as big as a pony, attacked from the trees above and we fought against both them and our environment, but finally prevailed. Here, we left off, each of us ready to take on the lizardfolk on their turf!

Cast of Characters
Sagt, Varag 5 (Racial levels) - Me
Mullins, Gnome Rogue 3/Wizard 2 - Paul
Rosebud, Gnome Warmage 4 - Paul (we're allowed to have 2 characters)
Able Nightengale, Human Healer 5 - David
Al'lah, Synad Divine Mind 5 -Steve


she_wolf_02 said...

Steve's name is Al'lah and he is a Synad. :)

Buddy Richards said...

Thanks for that, now edited!