I Really Hope This Isn't My 15 Minutes...

I usually spend my free time online reading gaming-related blogs or checking forums, and come across neat stuff all the time, but the other day I ran across an old post at Frontal Robotomy, in which my friend Josh is mentioned, and then a reference to someone who said Josh was a swell guy. That someone being me.

It's not like I'm saying that this is a "WOW, LOOK AT THE AWESOME THING I DID", or "Lookit me! I'm famous on the interwebs!" moment. It was actually kind of jarring to come across, as it's something you don't expect, and more importantly, I'm happy to see Josh getting recognition, be that someone putting his nom de plume out there, or otherwise. He does really great work and is a great person, overall.

 The referenced post from Jeff's Gameblog is here.

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