A Game-Related Writing Experiment

Recently, I was kind of given a slight push to actually try to begin writing again. I've freelanced before, making a whopping $28 dollars from my submissions to date, and have pretty much resigned myself to not doing much since.

This is slightly different, as I've been wanting to try my hand at screenwriting, and decided to go with writing a trailer for a movie I would like to see.

When it comes down to it, this is for my own benefit. If others like it, awesome. If not, you can blame the person that inspired me to write it! As always, feedback is welcome.

IN PROGRESS NEWS SHOW (a la Larry King, et al.)
We’re treated to lined or grainy news footage showing a slight sliver of light in the daytime sky. Over this footage, discussion takes place over a recent satellite explosion. Overplaying the footage is what seems to be a broadcast transmission.
…Please, tell our kids…

That, of course, being the last words received from
the station. Really moving stuff.


And you, doctor, feel this will have no impact on the
future of our space program as it exists now?

Quite the opposite, in fact! What more revitalization
could NASA’s program need than the Galatea incident?
I posit tha…
(cut off)


A camera quickly pans around, showing the scene of a grisly traffic accident. In the background, a school bus is overturned and bursts into flames as the camera squares onto a female reporter.

Frame me in this.
(adjusting position)
(composing breath)
We interrupt your regularly scheduled broadcast
to bring you breaking news from the heart of the
city. Here, moments ago, this bus that you see behind
me overturned when struck by another vehicle.
(turns as more sirens get closer)
A fire team has arrived to…
(screams and ducks)

At this time, the bus completely erupts in flames. Children can be heard screaming from within. The cameraman focuses on the bus, then beyond to the rescue teams. One firefighter stands dumbstruck after hopping down from his engine, then falls to his knees, as if losing all hope.

(offscreen, framing firefighter)
What’s that? What’s he doing?!

(now offscreen)
What? What do you mean?
(looks into camera as comes into frame, then away)
The horror of these incidents can affect even the
bravest among us.

At this, the camera zooms, as the reporter was talking, the fireman’s eyes have become points of light, but now we see that they almost seem to blaze like the bus’ fire.


A scream of displaced air takes place as the fire is sucked out of the bus and toward the fireman. He opens his eyes and mouth wide, as if to scream, but no sound other than the torrent of flame can be heard.

With the last of the flame, the shot draws in as the fireman seems to literally eat the fire. His open mouth shape held by flame as the camera seems to pan back out into blackness to reveal the spot as the open part of a capital “A”, which then turns black as the letter itself shifts to bright yellow.


Music picks up here, dramatic, classically cinematic. Snippets of action, preferably NOT included in film shown here, to highlight the sheer number of Novas in the world. One of the first clips shown is of the Fireman’s eruption.

Caestus Pax holding a building erect while inhabitants escape. A woman sneaking about and teleporting to evade baseline or Nova security. A boardroom; a woman at the table’s eyes flash and everyone else at the table nods and signs a form as she smiles.

Camera seems to pan out some with every snippet, becoming walleye as it does, then resolving to the world. A man “stands” above it all, seen to be in orbit as he rotates past a satellite. Divis Mal is revealed in half-light of the distant sun and smiles.

Screen blacks.

Date of release.

Property ownership and production companies.

End trailer.

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