Let's Say Our ABC's And Meet Some Friends!

Hello neighbor!

In the coming days, I have a series of posts that I will be sprinkling in with my usual Actual Play spots and whatever else strikes my fancy in the meantime. The first of these will be in the Dungeon Alphabet style, with three separate posts (or three items per post, whichever), one for each of my "current" projects; Wilderlands, Khardtha, and the Pathfinder APs.

Each snippet will, at varying lengths, give a snapshot of the subject matter and how it fits into the campaign, as well as suggestions on incorporating them into other campaign settings or game systems, as I see fit.

The second type of post I'll be scattering throughout is a collection of NPCs from various games of differing systems, all using the core books of any given system to create them at the power of a starting character, so that lazy players may use them as their characters, and lazy GMs have an instant NPC, complete with motivations, etc.

Hang with me, I do have a lot to talk about other than just that and my current games, and I hope that you chime in for discussion in the comments!

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