Age of Worms, Session 22

Entrance to the Free City for our band went swimmingly well, with us gathering as many injured and sick as we could upon our wagon as a means of easing the ire of those we cut ahead of in the hours-long line to get into the city, then greasing the palms of a few gate guards to get expedited in without the hassle of searches and what have you.

The band first procured rooms, upon recommendation, from a place called The Crooked House, Cameron throwing 30 gold at the man to house them and their horses and sundry for a "few nights". Information gathering as they took a round of drinks and meal helped them to determine that their contact, Eligos - known to be a warrior mage(!) and great sage - lives in a nearby district, and so they set out for the man's house.

Eligos' manor was lined with well manicured gardens and hedges, and upon arriving, the party were met with an elven manservant named Pollard, who showed us in to a parlor and bade us wait for his master, who appeared quickly thereafter. The sage politely took in the information and materials presented to him and showed slight surprise at the contact being initiated by Allustan, claiming to not have been in contact with his old colleague for quite some time, but promising to look into things more deeply and get in touch with us within the week, suggesting perhaps we spend our time enjoying the Free City and mentioning a parade taking place that we might enjoy on this very day!

And so, there we went, as the streets were hard to navigate with all the hubbub, anyway, and the party were able to avert a disaster when we engaged an escaped chimera after Katain's attempts to negotiate with the thing to calm down failed. The battle was hectic but quick, and we came out smelling like roses (figuratively, of course...we have been on the road for days) when we not only subdued the beast for the arena company, but also had Able heal the wounds of the bystanders that had gotten injured in the fracas. Dairon quickly sprung to action, extolling the virtues of his master knight, and was able to recruit two men to Cameron's banner, promising glories untold in the days to come as Mullins heatedly debated the reward of our deeds and the cost of the chimera, which was rather prohibitive at roughly 21k gp.

At this point, the group split company. Mullins decided to return to Eligos to question him more on the quest, Katain returned to The Crooked House (since Tami wasn't there to play her character), Dairon went about his search for a church adept for holy aid and guidance for what he hoped was the start of rebuilding of an army for Cameron, and Cameron originally going to the inn, as well, but going to find bottles of drink when he realized Dairon had his booze. (As an aside here, I can't recall what David's characters were doing at this point, which makes me wonder if he had already left for the night - sorry if they hadn't!) After procuring a couple of bottles of fine vintage from a local wine shop, he began to make his way back when he heard the rantings and ravings of a seemingly mad prophet who turned out to be spouting what Cameron perceived to be glaring truths about the "Age of Worms"...

So he knocked him out cold with his maul.

Making the way back to the inn and tossing a few more coins the owner's way, he drug his "drunk" friend to his room, where he promptly gagged and tied him up to wait on his companions to get back. Katain, witnessing the ordeal, flew to Eligos' to warn Mullins of what had happened, and the rest of the characters came in from their various errands and explorations and gathered in the room over the proselyter to confer, with most of it being Cameron justifying to the others that the street preacher just knew too much.

When he awoke, the prosyleter was put to questioning and claimed to be the prophet of something called the Golden Eye, and that he was not part of any particular church or sect, but was granted visions and instinctively knew all that he did about the situation and circumstances, explaining that he cannot even grasp the full idea of what he says unless he speaks his rant in its entirety. At this, feeling that his prophecies could come in handy in the coming days, Dairon stepped in and gave him the "sales pitch" to join Cameron's growing band on their quest, to which he said he would think about it.

And there we left off. Things are about to heat up in the Free City, methinks.

Cast of Characters
Cameron val Dane, Human Knight 7 - Me
Dairon val Eite, Human Bard 5 - Me (cohort)
Mullins, Gnome Rogue 3/Wizard 3/Mirror Master 1 - Paul
Able Nightengale, Human Healer 7 - David
Caine Smithe, Human Marshal 5 - David (cohort)
Katain, Pseudodragon Warlock 2 - Tami

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