Musical Inspiration, vol. 14 - Nile

This week's musical inspiration comes courtesy of Greenville, South Carolina's Nile, technical death outfit heavily inspired by Ancient Egyptian and Near Easter culture, art, and religon/mysticism.Their use of traditional Egyptian instrumentation and in their songs have helped produce a symphonic, almost cinematic sound that appeals widely in the metal world.

To paraphrase vocalist Karl Sanders, "Sarcophagus" is a continuation of the Nephren-ka saga (an ongoing story in their music, heavily inspired by H.P. Lovecraft), and portrays what happens when the antagonist is awoken from his years of slumber in his ancient tomb. The latter half of the lyrics show the ancient Nephren-ka, having just vanquished his tomb's interlopers, reflecting on the torment and anguish of the atrocities that led to his eternal entombment. Pretty heavy stuff, and great fodder for a game of tomb robbing, or as motivation for a player in a Mummy: The Curse or Mummy: The Resurrection game.

I, however, prefer to let the song speak for itself.

Nile - "Sarcophagus"

Who Dares Disturb
My Blissful Sleep
Again in Anger
Must I Rise
How Long Unknown
I Lay Emtombed

My World
So Long Forgotten
Did Disown Me
I was Scorned

The Suffering They did Inflict

Stained With Cosmic Black Sins
The Sun No Longer Sets Me Free

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